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Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) View None
ASHRAE Building EQ Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) is a building energy rating program that provides information on a building's energy use. View None
Aspect Ratio

The ratio of width to length, of a premises

View None
Asphalt or fiberglass Finish material composed primarily of asphalt or fiberglass View None
Assembly Indoor or outdoor premises operating a public or nonpublic event. View None
Assembly arcade or casino without lodging Premises that offers table games along with other activities, such as arcade games or slot machines. These establishments may provide food and beverage services, but exclude hotel lodging. View None
Assembly convention center Enclosed premises that are leased or rented, including auditoriums, banquet halls, flea market spaces, and conference centers. View None
Assembly cultural entertainment Cultural entertainment premises including museums, libraries, and galleries. View None
Assembly religious Religious public assembly premises including funeral parlors, churches, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, and temples. View None
Assembly social entertainment Social entertainment premises include movie theater, non-food-serving venues such as bars and nightclubs, and small social meeting halls such as lounges. View None
Assembly stadium Open or enclosed premises including arenas, stadiums, and race tracks, and performing arts theaters that are operating live events such as fairs, concerts, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and festivals. View None
Assessment Compliance Target Date

Date a premises is expected to achieve assessment recognition, including in the appropriate cases, third party verification

Assessment Eligibility

Eligibility of a premises for assessment recognition.

View None
Assessment Level

Value from assessment programs that produce a descriptive (rather than numeric) rating, such as LEED or NGBS.

View None
Assessment Program

Program which issues energy labels, ratings, or sustainability certifications.

View None
Assessment Program Organization

The name of the body or group providing the verification or certification assessment program. More than one can apply to a premises. 

View None
Assessment Program URL

A link to the specific rating or scoring details for the premises directly from and hosted by the sponsoring body of the program. Typically provides thorough details; for example, which points were achieved and how, or in the case of a score what specifically was tested and the results.

View None
Assessment Recognition

Different rating systems within an Assessment Program.

View None
Assessment Recognition Status

Status of recognition for an assessment program.

View None
Assessment Recognition Status Date

Date when assessment recognition status first applied.

Assessment Recognition Type

Type of recognition awarded through assessment program.

View None
Assessment Tool

Tools that provide a performance ranking based on a peer group of similar buildings.

View None
Assessment Value

Value from assessment programs that produce a numeric metric, such as Energy Star Score, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score, Home Energy Score

View Unknown
Assessment Version

Version of the assessment documentation, such as "2.0"

View None
Assessment Year

Year the assessment qualifications for recognition were documented.



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