Assessment Recognition Status

Status of recognition for an assessment program.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Approved The application has been approved. N/A ENERGY STAR
Corrected The application data has been corrected. N/A
Eligible Notice of eligibility for assessment N/A
Escalated to expert There is an application under review that has been escalated to a subject matter expert. N/A ENERGY STAR
Expired Assessment recognition has expired N/A ENERGY STAR
Final stage The final assessment or application approval stage. N/A
Initial stage The first assessment or application approval stage. N/A
Not yet started Assessment has not yet begun N/A
Notified Recognition award or notification has been sent to approved premises. N/A ENERGY STAR
On hold The application has no outstanding technical questions, however approval is on hold until the premises is eligible. N/A ENERGY STAR
Pending decision Assessment is pending final decision N/A ENERGY STAR
Pending receipt Assessment is pending receipt of documentation N/A ENERGY STAR
Published Submitted assessment results have been publicly published N/A
Quality assurance Stage to review quality assurance of work performed or application materials. N/A
Questions for applicant Organization has asked applicant questions about the application. N/A ENERGY STAR
Rejected Submitted assessment has been rejected N/A
Revised application required Organization has required a revised application. N/A ENERGY STAR
Started Assessment has begun N/A
Submitted Assessment has been submitted for review N/A
Test A test assessment has been performed, or test application submitted, to test the process, but will not yield an official result. N/A
Under review Submitted assessment is under review N/A ENERGY STAR
Term ID: 07280759-7791-4d30-bcdb-4ba066222a70