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Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Audio signal processing A function by which a device modifies an audio signal for a purpose other than amplification. View None
Audio Visual Characteristics

Audio and visual equipment characteristics or features installed standard or post-manufacturing.

View None
Audit An audit is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of a premises. View None
Audit View None
Audit Exemption

Conditions under which the building is exempt from a mandated audit.

View None
Auditor Auditor. View None
Auditor An accredited auditor View None
Auditorium An auditorium is a large room that enables an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres. View None
Authority having jurisdiction Also known as the "AHJ". The city, county or other authority with jurisdiction over building permits and inspections. View None

Designated if third party has been granted authorization.

View None
Authorization Date

Date the authorization was granted.

Authorized View None
Auto power down The capability to automatically switch a device from On Mode to Sleep Mode after a predetermined period of time (APD timing) has elapsed. APD timing begins when both: 1) The device has ceased performance of all Primary Functions, and 2) The last user input has been received (e.g., remote control signal, volume adjustment). If either a Primary Function resumes or a user input is received, the APD timing will reset. The intent of APD is that products will automatically power down into Sleep Mode when they are not being adjusted by the user and are not performing a Primary Function. View None
Automated system optimization ASO analytics continuously analyzes and modifies Building Automation System control settings to optimize heating, ventilation and air conditioning system energy use while maintaining occupant comfort. It reads data from the BAS and automatically sends optimal setpoints back to the BAS to adjust the control parameters based on data such as submetered energy use and energy price signal. View None
Automatic drip filter coffee maker Brews coffee by percolating hot water through a brew basket of coffee grounds. Coffee is captured in a decanter that may be heated by a warming plate. View None
Automatic shut off A device capable of automatically turning loads off without manual intervention. View None
Automobile dealership View None
Auxiliary processing accelerators Computing expansion add-in cards installed in general-purpose add-in expansion slots (e.g., GPGPUs installed in a PCI slot). View None
Available Task lights are available for individuals to operate. View None
Avenue Commonly used street suffix or abbreviations: Av, Ave, Aven, Avenu, Avn, Avnue View None
Avenue Commonly used street suffix or abbreviations: Av, Ave, Aven, Avenu, Avn, Avnue View None
Average View None
Average Condition is sufficient and demonstrates normal wear for time lapsed since installation. View None
Average View None
Average Average infiltration rate. View None


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