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Term Term Definition Lists Unit of Measure
Fenestration Operation

Characterization of whether a fenestration product can be opened.

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The final material applied to a surface, either interior or exterior. Some structural components don't have an exterior finish, such as unfinished poured concrete

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Floor Level

Integer value of a floor level beginning in the US at 1 for ground level. Can be negative for below grade levels.

Footprint Shape

General shape of the premises outlined by the exterior walls. Illustrations will be added when the web version is developed.

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Foundation Component

Element or characteristic of a foundation

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Foundation Ground Coupling

The type of coupling between foundation and ground.  Use Location and Conditioning Status terms to further qualify coupling.

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Foundation Height

Height of the premises foundation. [NOTE: The Location term can be used to further refine this definition, such as Foundation Height  Above Grade or Foundation Height Below Grade.]

Foundation Perimeter Insulation

Is the foundation perimeter insulated.

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Framing Factor

Fraction (0-1) of the surface that is composed of structural framing material.

Glazing Diffusing Description

If the Fenestration Glass Type is diffusing (the material is not clear and causes light coming through it to be scattered), type of diffusing surface

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Horizontal Surroundings

Attachments to the outermost horizontal surfaces of the premises.

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Material used in the construction of an opaque surface.

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Material Qualifier

A description of how the material is applied.

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Moveable Insulation

Indication of whether or not a fenestration product has moveable insulation. This type of insulation can be applied when needed, such as on a hot summer day or a cold winter night, and removed when it is not needed.

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Number Of Fenestration Units

Number of windows, skylights, glass doors, etc associated with a surface, a zone, a premises, etc.

Opaque Surface

Opaque Surface type

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Opaque Surface Component

Element or characteristic of an opaque surface

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Percent Glazing

The percentage of an opaque surface or door that is glazed

Percent Of Fenestration Area Shaded

The percent of the fenestration area that is shaded by exterior objects such as trees or other premises'.

Percent Skylight Area

The percent of the skylight area relative to the roof area.

Percent Vision Glazing

The percent of the glass portion of an exterior window, relative to the wall area, that permits views to the exterior or interior. Vision glazing must allow a clear image of the exterior and must not be obstructed by frits, fibers, patterned glazing, or added tints that distort color balance. (USGBC)

Plumbing Penetration Sealing

Type of plumbing penetration sealing

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Radiant Barrier

Type of radiant barrier in the construction

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Radiant Barrier Location

Installed location of radiant barrier

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Roof Shape

Architectural description of the exterior shape of the roof. If the roof has more than one shape, this is the primary roof shape. Illustrations to be added when the website is developed.

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