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Term Term Definition Lists Unit of Measure
Occupant Activity Level

The activity level that drives the amount of internal gains due to occupants.

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Occupant Income Range

Annual income of the household occupants

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Occupant Quantity Type

Type of quantitative measure for capturing occupant information about the premises. The value is captured by the Quantity term.

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Occupant Type

Type of occupants who are permanently resident in a premises.

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Occupied Status

The condition of the premises relative to being occupied by people.

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Ownership Intention

A list of the type(s) of possible or best uses of the premises. Probable use gives a good indication of what the best use or potential use of the property could be.

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Premises Enclosure

Classification of the enclosure of the premises.

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Premises Level

Level category of the premises with respect to all premises pertaining to a unique record.

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Presence Of Buried Lines

Indication of whether the site contains buried utility lines.

Presence Of Septic Tanks And Leach Fields

Indication of whether the site contains a septic tank or leach field.

Radon Zone

The EPA Radon Zone

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Site Type

Description of surroundings at the site, from the following list:

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Spatial Unit Type

Unit type within the premises.

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Tax Annual Amount

The annual property tax amount as of the last assessment made by the taxing authority.

Tax Assessed Value

The property value as of the last assessment made by the taxing authority.

Tax Exemptions

A list of tax exemptions as they relate to the property.

Tax Other Assessment Amount

Any other annual taxes, not including the tax reported in the Tax Annual Amount field, as of the last assessment made by the taxing authority.

Tax Status Current

The current tax status of the mobile home in cases where the land or space is included in the sale.

Tax Year

The year in with the last assessment of the property value/tax was made.

Termite Zone

Zone in the United States which designates the probability of a particular location being susceptible to termite infestations. From the IECC "Termite Infestation Probability Map".

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Tractor Trencher Accessible

Indication of whether the site allows access for a tractor or trenching equipment.

Type Of Public Transportation

If the Distance to Public Transportation term is used, this term can be used to describe in more detail the type of public transportation .

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Walking Score

A walkability index based on the time to walk from a property to nearby essentials such as grocery stores, schools, churches, etc. See for more information and requirements for using WalkScore.

Water Fixture Type

A water fixture is an exchangeable device which can be connected to a plumbing system to deliver and drain water.

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Water Metered Premises

Designation of what areas within the premises are covered by water meters.

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