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Global Terms
Term Term Definition Lists Unit of Measure

Qualifier for various dimensional terms to clarify the coordinate direction

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Date Status

Status of the associated Date

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Demand Response Participation

Demand response participation requires changes in electric usage by end-use customers from their normal consumption patterns in response to changes in the price of electricity over time, or to incentive payments designed to induce lower electricity use at times of high wholesale market prices or when system reliability is jeopardized.

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Mass per unit volume.


Dimension of the distance from the front to the back, such as the depth of structural framing in a wall or floor. It can also be the distance from the top to the bottom, such as the depth of a tank or pool of a component or material, such as the depth of the structural framing


A longer text description.


Diameter of an object


A linear measurement in one direction. Can be used to generically describe this measurement, if needed.

Duty Cycle

Percent of time the system operates.

Effective R Value

The R-value of a complete construction including all material layers as well as the interior and exterior air film coefficients.

Efficiency Metric Qualifier

The measure used to quantify efficiency

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Efficiency Qualifier

Variations in the quantification of the effectiveness with which equipment, a product, process, or system performs.

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Efficiency Value

The numeric value associated with an Efficiency Qualifier, given in the associated Efficiency Metric

Dependent on Qualifier

The capacity of a material to emit radiant energy. The ratio of the radiant flux emitted by a physical surface to that emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature and under the same conditions. It can be expressed as 1-(long-wave infrared absorptance) for materials that are not transparent in the long-wave infrared spectrum. Emittance is a surface property; values range from 0.05 for brightly polished metals to 0.96 for flat black paint. The emittance for most materials is 0.9.

Energy Software Tool

A software program that is used in some fashion to calculate the energy consumption of a building

Energy Software Tool Version

The release version of the software tool used to calculate energy performance of a building.

Equipment Rating

Formalized rating system for a given type of equipment.

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Exposure of a material or surface. See the Location term for a complete list of options for this term.

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The dimension of an object from the bottom to the top. This can be used to define the height of any building component, such as the height of a wall or window.

Input Resource Type

Resource or fuel consumed by the system. See Resource type for complete list of resources.

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Insulation Application

A description of the type of insulation and how it is applied.

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Insulation Continuity

Insulation installation type.

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The longest dimension of an object. This can be used to define the length of any building component, such as ductwork or piping, or an opaque surface such as a wall or floor.


Spatial location or installation location. This can apply to systems, opaque surfaces, etc.

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