Material used in the construction of an opaque surface.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Brick None
Cellulose Plant-fiber based material None
Concrete None
EPS Expanded Polystyrene None
Fiberglass None
Icynene Spray-in-place polyurethane foam insulation material None
Insulsafe Fiberglass blown-in insulation material None
ISOCY Material, which can be used for insulation, made from isocyanate. None
Masonry None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Recycled cotton Material made from recycled cotton products such as denim. It can be used for insulation. None
Rock wool Material made from molten rock. Also called Mineral Wool None
Steel None
Unknown Unknown None
Wood Material made primarily from trees, such as dimension lumber and plywood (which has synthetic glues in addition to the wood component). None
XPS Extruded Polystyrene None
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