Site Type

Description of surroundings at the site, from the following list:

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Rural A rural area is a geographic area that is located outside cities and towns, often referred to as the countryside. None
Suburban A suburb is a residential area or a mixed use area, either existing as part of a city or urban area or as a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city. None
Unknown Unknown None
Urban An urban area is a location characterized by high human population density and vast human-built features in comparison to the areas surrounding it. Urban areas may be cities, towns or conurbations, but the term is not commonly extended to rural settlements such as villages and hamlets. None
Term ID: 93b49fed-7059-4a77-b31a-f625131b0564