Premises Level

Level category of the premises with respect to all premises pertaining to a unique record.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Area An area is a section within a building that serves a specific activity and could stand alone, such as a restaurant inside a hotel. An area could also be section of a building that has distinctly different equipment densities, occupancies, energy-use patterns, operating characteristics, or HVAC configurations. N/A
Building A building is a single structure wholly or partially enclosed within exterior walls, or within exterior and abutment walls (party walls), and a roof, affording shelter to persons, animals, or property. A building can be two or more units held in the condominium form of ownership that are governed by the same board of managers. N/A
Campus A campus is comprised of multiple buildings served by a single electric meter or by a group of meters with the same service address. N/A
Component A subspace of a primary premises. Examples of components are: HVAC zones, retail shops in a mall, floors in a multi-story building, etc. N/A
Primary Principal or overall level. N/A
Site Site refers to the land on which the premises is built on. N/A
Space A space is a section within a building or area that aids the primary activity and could not stand alone, such as a hallway or a closet. N/A
Sub component A space utilized as a supporting element of a larger premises, such as the lobby of a hotel, or the living room in a home. N/A
Thermal zone Thermal zone is a space or group of spaces within a building with heating and cooling requirements that are sufficiently similar so that desired conditions (e.g., temperature) can be maintained throughout using a single sensor. n/a LBNL
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