Cooking Appliance Type

Appliance or equipment used to cook food.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Automatic drip filter coffee maker Brews coffee by percolating hot water through a brew basket of coffee grounds. Coffee is captured in a decanter that may be heated by a warming plate. None
Braising pan A braising pan or skillet cooks food and also serves as a steam table to hold warm food. The cooking surface has a plate that has walls on all four sides forming a shallow rectangular pan and often equipped with a mounted lid. Capacity ranges from 10 to 50 gal (38-190 L). The configuration maybe be freestanding on an open stationary frame, cabinet-style base, wall-mounted on trunnions, and have tabletops. None
Broiler A direct, super-concentrated heating element usually positioned above an item to be cooked None
Combination oven A device that combines the function of hot air convection (oven mode), saturated and superheated steam heating (steam mode), and combination convection/steam mode for moist heating, to perform steaming, baking, roasting, rethermalizing, and proofing of various food products. In general, the term combination oven is used to describe this type of equipment, which is self-contained. The combination oven is also referred to as a combination oven/steamer, combi or combo. None
Convection oven A general-purpose oven that cooks food by forcing hot dry air over the surface of the food product. The rapidly moving hot air strips away the layer of cooler air next to the food and enables the food to absorb the heat energy. For the purposes of this specification, convection ovens do not include ovens that have the ability to heat the cooking cavity with saturated or superheated steam. However, this oven type may have moisture injection capabilities (e.g., baking ovens and moisture-assist ovens). Ovens that include a hold feature are eligible under this specification as long as convection is the only method used to fully cook the food. None
Convection toaster oven Designed for toasting, baking, and broiling. Standard accessories include a baking pan and removable crumb tray / drip pan for easy maintenance. None
Conveyor broiler Conveyer/chain broilers apply heat to both the top and bottom of the food as it travels through the appliance on a belt, including conveyor toasters. None
Conveyor oven An oven designed to carry food product on a moving belt into and through a heated chamber. A conveyor oven may stand alone or be placed on a counter top. Common foods for cooking may include pizza or bread. None
Cook and hold appliance A multiple-mode appliance intended for cooking food that may be used to hold the temperature of the food that has been cooked in the same appliance. None
Deck oven An oven that cooks food product directly on the floor of a heated chamber. The bottom of each compartment is called a deck and heat is typically supplied by burners or elements located beneath the deck. The oven ceiling, floor, and walls are designed to absorb heat quickly and radiate that heat back slowly and evenly. None
Double sided griddle A commercial appliance designed for cooking food in oil or its own juices by direct contact with two hot surfaces where temperature is thermostatically controlled. A double-sided griddle has hinged upper griddle plates (platens) that swing down over the food, thereby cooking the food from both sides at once. None
Drawer warmer An appliance that consists of one or more heated drawers and that is designed to hold hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance at a specified temperature. None
Espresso machine Produces a coffee product called espresso by forcing hot water through coffee grounds. Pressure, typically around 15 bars, and gravity drive the coffee product into a cup. Includes both pump (pump driven) and steam (steam driven) machines. Includes automatic, semi-automatic, and manual machines with independent electricity heat source. Semi-automatic machines allow the operator to control coffee extraction and steaming. Fully automatic machines are capable of grinding, dosing, tamping, and brewing coffee. Espresso machines often include auxiliary milk steaming and frothing functions. None
Fry top griddle A multi-purpose appliance used for surface cooking by direct contact with a heated plate, and may also function as a device for roasting, broiling, grilling or any combination of these methods. A fry-top range may have an oven located beneath the cooktop or shelving or may be mounted on top of a refrigerated base. None
Griddle A commercial appliance designed for cooking food in oil or its own juices by direct contact with two hot surfaces where temperature is thermostatically controlled. None
Heated transparent merchandising cabinets An appliance with a heated compartment that is designed to display and maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked in a separate appliance. None
Hot top range Hot top ranges, or French top ranges, consist of burners or elements that apply heat indirectly through a ceramic, glass, or metal cover to pots and pans from below. None
Large vat fryer A fryer with a vat that measures > 18 inches and < 24 inches wide, and a shortening capacity > 50 pounds. ASTM Standard F2144-09, Test Method for Performance of Large Open Vat Fryers (large vat fryers) None
Microwave oven Microwave ovens cook or heat food by means of microwave energy. Some microwave ovens also have thermal elements designed for surface browning of food. Microwave ovens are sometimes available as combination ovens, which have additional heating elements or convection capability. Microwave ovens enable users to cook food in ways similar to conventional ovens. These products are offered in a broad range of sizes and configurations. Typical microwave ovens are available in countertop or over-the-range configurations. None
Mini rack oven A rack oven that has the ability to produce steam internally and includes an internal rotating rack where pans are manually pushed into the racks. Mini-rack ovens typically hold 5 Ð 8 full-size sheet pans. None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Open burner range Open burner ranges consist of burners or elements that apply heat directly to pots and pans from below None
Other Other None
Overfired broiler Overfired broilers cook food on a grid placed under a heat source. None
Proofing cabinet An enclosed mobile, portable, or stationary appliance designed to maintain the proper temperature and relative humidity for supporting fermentation of dough products by yeast. None
Rack roll in oven A high-capacity oven, with the ability to produce steam internally and fitted with a motor-driven mechanism for rotating multiple pans fitted into one or more pan racks within the cavity. None
Range Range combines a stove and oven in one appliance None
Range oven An oven base built into a range. Range ovens may use either standard or convection technologies to cook food. None
Rapid cook oven An oven that utilizes one or more non-traditional heat transfer technologies to cook food product significantly faster than would be possible using conventional (e.g., convection, conduction, radiant) heat transfer technologies. Heat transfer technologies that may be employed include microwave, quartz halogen, and high-velocity or impingement convection. None
Retherm oven An oven cabinet that allows venting of humidity while adjusting food moisture to specific conditions. Retherm ovens are designed to accommodate a variety of trays and pans. None
Rotisserie oven An oven fitted with a mechanism to move or turn food past a fixed heat source while the food is slowly being cooked on all sides. None
Salamander broiler Salamander broiler, or cheesemelter, is a type of overfired broiler intended for a limited set of tasks, including browning food or melting cheese. None
Single serve coffee maker Brews coffee product by forcing a precise amount of hot water through a small container of coffee grounds to make a single serving. None
Single sided griddle A commercial appliance designed for cooking food in oil or its own juices by direct contact with either a flat, smooth, hot surface (e.g., polished steel or chrome plate) or a hot channeled cooking surface (e.g., polished steel or chrome 1Ú2-inch grooved plate) where plate temperature is thermostatically controlled. None
Slow cook and hold oven An oven designed specifically for low-temperature (e.g., less than 300¡F) cooking, followed by a holding period at a specified temperature. None
Split vat fryer A standard or large vat fryer with an internal wall that separates the vat into two equal sides. None
Standard fryer A fryer with a vat that measures >12 inches and < 18 inches wide, and a shortening capacity > 25 pounds and < 65 pounds. ASTM Standard F1361-07, Test Method for the Performance of Open Deep Fat Fryers (standard fryers) None
Standard oven An oven that cooks food primarily using the naturally occurring hot air currents to transfer heat over the surface of the food product without the use of a fan or blower. The burner or elements heat the air within the oven cavity as well as the cavity walls, causing currents of hot air that transfer heat to the surface of the food. The hot air's buoyancy carries it upward through cooler air, which then slowly sinks to the bottom of the oven as it cools off. None
Steam cooker Also referred to as a Òcompartment steamer,Ó a device with one or more food steaming compartments in which the energy in the steam is transferred to the food by direct contact. Models may include countertop models, wall-mounted models and floor-models mounted on a stand, pedestal or cabinet-style base. None
Steam kettle Steam kettles are a self-contained version of a stockpot used to simmer or boil liquids for cooking. None
Toaster Toasters are countertop appliances designed for toasting, defrosting, and warming food. None
Underfired broiler Underfired broilers, also called charbroilers, cook food on a grid placed over a heat source. None
Unknown Unknown None
Wok range A self-contained range has one or more chambers or wells (openings) over which woks are placed for cooking. A wok range is designed to keep food in motion by stirring, lifting and tossing over a short amount of time over high heat. There are different types of designs that may include features such as controls. None
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