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Weather Data Station ID

For an actual weather station, this is the ID assigned by NOAA. For hourly energy simulations, this is the six digit code associated with the hourly weather data, generally found in the name of the weather data file, as well as in the header of the data file.

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Weather Data Type

For hourly energy simulations, the type of data used in the hourly weather data. This information is generally found in the name of the weather data file, as well as in the header of the data file. In the United States, the normal type of data is Typical Meteorological Year (TMY), which represent a year of typical climatic conditions for a location. The data set is composed of 12 months of typical meteorological data concatenated to form a single year with a complete data set for primary measurements. The monthly data sets contain actual meteorological measurements and modeled solar values.

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Weather Metric

Metric related to weather.

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Weather Metric Value

Value for the weather metric.

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Weather normalized The expected value, if the current year weather conditions were revised to reflect 30-year average weather conditions. This weather normalized value can be used to understand changes in energy to account for changes in weather. View None
Weather station Weather data directly from weather station View None
Weather Station Category

Describes the type of weather station used to specify the site's weather.

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Weather Station Name

The name of the weather station associated with this premises, which could be used for simulations, weather normalization, anomaly resolution, etc. For simulations, this is usually the name of the weather file, but the name is also in the header of the data file (TMY, IWEC), such as USA_CO_Denver.Intl.AP.

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Weatherstrip Description

Material used in weatherstipping application. This can apply to doors, windows, as well as system components such as refrigeration doors. 

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Weatherstrip Status

Whether a premises or feature, such as a door or window, is weatherstripped.

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Weatherstripped Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings such as doors, windows, and trunks from the elements. View None
Wednesday Wednesday is the third weekday following Tuesday and preceding Thursday. View None
Week View None
Weekday The schedule is the same every day Monday through Friday. View None
Weekend The schedule is the same on Saturday and Sunday. View None
Weekly View None
weeks weeks View None
Weeks per month View None
Weeks per year View None
weeks/year weeks per year View None
Weighted Weighted calculation View None
Well View None
Well Commonly used street suffix or abbreviations: Wl View None
Well Commonly used street suffix or abbreviations: Wl View None
WELL The WELL Building Standard marries best practices in design and construction with evidence-based health and wellness interventions. It harnesses the built environment as a vehicle to support human health, well-being and comfort. WELL Certified™ spaces and developments can lead to a built environment that helps to improve the nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep, comfort and performance of its occupants. This is achieved in part by implementing strategies, programs and technologies designed to encourage healthy, more active lifestyles and reducing occupant exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants. View None


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