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Action Category

Type of activity associated with a project.

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Application Scale

Scale at which the project or measure is applied, such as an individual system, multiple systems, or entire facility

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ASHRAE Audit Level

Energy audit level as defined in ASHRAE Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits

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Audit Exemption

Conditions under which the building is exempt from a mandated audit.

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Capitalization Rate

The capitalization rate is the rate of return on a real estate investment property based on the income that the property is expected to generate.

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Charged Off Reason

The basis for charging off a loan.

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Compliance Status

Status of compliance for ordinances requiring benchmarking or audit.

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Compliance Status Date

Date when the associated compliance status changed.

Contracting Method

Contracting method for financing capital improvements, which allows cost reductions to fund energy upgrades.

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Cost to related the project or measure. May be associated with "Cost Attribution" and "Interval Period", if necessary.

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Cost Attribution

Type of Costs to implement or maintain the project or measure. This may include several different costs.

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Cost Effectiveness Screening Method

Method for calculating cost-effectiveness for measures or project

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Cost Effectiveness Value

Metric for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of measures or project

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Cost Intensity

Cost per square foot of affected space.

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Cost Period

Length of study period: The study period begins with the base date, the date to which all cash flows are discounted. The study period includes any planning/construction/implementation period and the service or occupancy period. The study period has to be the same for all alternatives considered.

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Cost Savings

Cost savings associated with a measure or project. This term can also further explained by using a relevant entry from the term Interval Frequency.

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Cost Savings Intensity

Cost savings associated with a measure or project divided by the floor area affected.

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Debt Obligation

Total of all debt obligations for the borrower(s), including housing-related and non-housing-related debt. Use Interval Frequency to qualify (e.g., Annual, Month, etc.)

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Discard Reason

Reason why the proposed mesure was dicarded.

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Discount Factor

Discount factor applied to calculate present values of future cash flows

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Emissions Savings Intensity View Unknown
Energy Cost Index

ECI is a generic term used for comparing the expected energy for anything from commercial office spaces, lighting, industrial air filtration, and even an entire home. ECI can be used to compare the impact on energy cost from a single device all the way up to complex systems. Calculated by dividing contributory Annual Energy Consumption Cost by the number of units affected by the device or system being measured.

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Escalation Rate

Assumed increase in resource or other costs

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Exemption Reason View None


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