Cost Attribution

Type of Costs to implement or maintain the project or measure. This may include several different costs.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Advertising Cost associated with advertising None
Before taxes Cost without taxes None
Capital Capital cost of the measure at the end of its useful life, in current year dollars. None
Commissioning Commissioning costs are costs to ensure that the installed measure or project is performing as per the design intent. None
Cost Generic cost None
Disposal and salvage costs The net cost of disposing material or equipment that is being replaced or removed. In some cases the salvage value may exceed disposal costs, resulting in a negative value. None
Financing The cost of financing for projects or measures that are funded over time through loans or alternative financing mechanisms None
First cost First or initial cost None
Fixed Costs that remains more or less unchanged irrespective of the size of the measure or a project None
General None
Gross Gross cost None
Health and safety Cost associated with health and safety measures None
Implementation Cost of implementation activity None
Incremental Incremental cost None
Installation Cost of installation activity None
Insurance Costs for insuring the equipment or system None
Interest payment Interest payment incurred periodically as part of debt service payment None
Labor Costs of labor to implement the measure or project None
Maintenance Costs to maintain the equipment that has been installed as part of the measure or a project None
Management and administration Costs for managing and administrating the implementation of the project None
Margin A different manifestation of markup, to cover non-project specific overheads None
Markup Generally applied to energy or construction projects procured by the Federal government. The mark-up, usually a set percentage of the project implementation cost, is added to the project price to cover non-project-specific overheads such as general administration and marketing. None
Material Costs of material needed to implement the measure or project None
MV Measurement and verification costs are costs to evaluate the performance of a project or a measure None
Net Net cost None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Operating Costs incurred to operate the piece of equipment installed as part of the measure or project None
Other Other None
Permits and licenses None
Principal repayment Principal repaid periodically as part of debt service payment None
Profit Profit incurred by the project as part of implementing the measure or project. ESPC projects specify that ESCO's disclose that information as part of the itemized costs. None
Recurring None
Replacement Cost for replacing the equipment None
System Cost associated with a system None
Taxes Taxes incurred as part of implementing the measure or a project None
Total Total costs to implement the measure or project None
Unit Cost per unit, where unit can be Spatial Unit Type, Resource, other None
Unknown Unknown None
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