Cost Attribution

Type of Costs to implement or maintain the project or measure. This may include several different costs.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Advertising Cost associated with advertising N/A
Before taxes Cost without taxes N/A
Capital Capital cost of the measure at the end of its useful life, in current year dollars. n/a
Commissioning Commissioning costs are costs to ensure that the installed measure or project is performing as per the design intent. n/a
Cost Generic cost n/a
Disposal and salvage costs The net cost of disposing material or equipment that is being replaced or removed. In some cases the salvage value may exceed disposal costs, resulting in a negative value. n/a
Financing The cost of financing for projects or measures that are funded over time through loans or alternative financing mechanisms n/a
First cost First or initial cost n/a
Fixed Costs that remains more or less unchanged irrespective of the size of the measure or a project n/a
General n/a
Gross Gross cost N/A
Health and safety Cost associated with health and safety measures N/A
Implementation Cost of implementation activity N/A
Incremental Incremental cost N/A
Installation Cost of installation activity N/A
Insurance Costs for insuring the equipment or system n/a
Interest payment Interest payment incurred periodically as part of debt service payment n/a
Labor Costs of labor to implement the measure or project n/a
Maintenance Costs to maintain the equipment that has been installed as part of the measure or a project n/a
Management and administration Costs for managing and administrating the implementation of the project n/a
Margin A different manifestation of markup, to cover non-project specific overheads n/a
Markup Generally applied to energy or construction projects procured by the Federal government. The mark-up, usually a set percentage of the project implementation cost, is added to the project price to cover non-project-specific overheads such as general administration and marketing. n/a
Material Costs of material needed to implement the measure or project n/a
MV Measurement and verification costs are costs to evaluate the performance of a project or a measure n/a
Net Net cost N/A
Operating Costs incurred to operate the piece of equipment installed as part of the measure or project n/a
Permits and licenses n/a
Principal repayment Principal repaid periodically as part of debt service payment n/a
Profit Profit incurred by the project as part of implementing the measure or project. ESPC projects specify that ESCO's disclose that information as part of the itemized costs. n/a
Recurring n/a
Replacement Cost for replacing the equipment n/a
System Cost associated with a system N/A
Taxes Taxes incurred as part of implementing the measure or a project n/a
Total Total costs to implement the measure or project n/a
Unit Cost per unit, where unit can be Spatial Unit Type, Resource, other N/A
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