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Fenestration Certification

Type of certification for a fenestration product.

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A premises component that contain some type of transparent or translucent glazing material, as well as some type of framing or sash material. [NOTE: The Location term can be added to this term if there is a need to differentiate between interior and exterior fenestration products, or in any other way describe the location of the product.]

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Door Construction

Type of door construction.

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Construction Method

The general description of the main structural construction method used for an Opaque Surface.

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Ceiling Configuration

Description of the type of ceiling in the premises.

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Attic Venting

Description of how the attic is vented. Use the Conditioning Status term for a full list that can be applied to this term.

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Attic Component

Element of an attic

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Attic Access Location

Description of where the attic is located, generally thought of as what type of space (conditioned or not) it is next to. Use the Conditioning Status term for a full list that can be applied to this term.

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Air Infiltration Value Units

The units of measure for the Air Infiltration Value field.

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Air Infiltration Value

The measured value from the Air Infiltration test.

Air Infiltration Test

Type of air infiltration test performed on the premises

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Air Infiltration Description

Description of the infiltration characteristics for an opaque surface, fenestration unit, a thermal zone.

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Air Infiltration Blower Door Test

Type of blower door test.  Use Air Infiltration Test to qualify these values.

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Global Terms
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Zoning System Type

Type of HVAC, Lighting, Sensor, or other zoning schemes

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Year of Manufacture

Year the product was produced and labeled by the manufacturer.


The dimension of an object from one side to the other. This can be used to define the width of any building component, such as the width of a photovoltaic panel or a window. In relation to length, width can be the dimension perpendicular to the length.

Warranty Duration

The time duration of a warranty for the component


The space inside the boundary of a 3 dimensional shape

Visible Absorptance

The fraction of incident visible wavelength radiation that is absorbed by the material or surface. Value range: 0-1


Generic holder for numeric value characterized by atomic qualifiers

Useful Life

The expected remaining service life of a component.

U Factor

The U-factor, also known as thermal transmittance, is the overall heat transfer coefficient through a particular body or assembly, including its boundary films. Note that the U-factor for a construction assembly, including fenestration, includes the interior and exterior film coefficients (the boundary films referenced above). For characterization of fenestration products, the U-factor is calculated for the whole product, including the effect of the frame (center of glass, edge of glass, frame). The U-factor is the reciprocal of the R-value.

Tilt Description

A descriptive value for tilt, when an exact numeric angle is not known.

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Tilt Angle

The angle from a horizontal surface; can be applied to an opaque surface, a fenestration unit, a solar panel, etc.