Attic Component

Element of an attic

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Access point n/a
Attic level transition In split level homes, the attic level will often change. There will be a vertical frame wall that connects the two horizontal attic planes. Often, this wall’s framing cavity bays will be open where it passes the level of the lower attic plane. n/a
Chimney or flue chase n/a
Dropped soffit A drop soffit area is usually located above an architectural detail in the living space, often above cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom. n/a
Floor n/a
Kneewall transition n/a
Mechanical chase Mechanical chases are large openings in the attic plane that allow ducts, pipes or wire bunches to pass from the living space into the attic area. n/a
Plumbing wet wall A plumbing wet wall is a special type of top plate. This is the wall top plate where plumbing stack pipes penetrate the attic plane. n/a
Recessed light n/a
Top plate n/a
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