A premises component that contain some type of transparent or translucent glazing material, as well as some type of framing or sash material. [NOTE: The Location term can be added to this term if there is a need to differentiate between interior and exterior fenestration products, or in any other way describe the location of the product.]

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Curtain wall An external non-load bearing wall that consists of any combination of framing materials, fixed glazing, opaque glazing, operable windows, or other in-fill materials. N/A NFRC
Door A door that has a glazed component covering over 50% of its area. N/A
Drive through window Openings in the building envelope of the premises for customers to order, pay, and/or receive a good or service without parking or exiting their car. N/A Food Service Survey
Skylight Typically a horizontal or sloped fenestration component. N/A
Tubular skylight A non-operable device primarily designed to transmit daylight from a roof surface to an interior ceiling surface via a tubular conduit. N/A NFRC
Window Typically a vertical fenestration component. N/A
Window wall A type of fenestration that does not usually fill the entire wall surface, compared to a curtain wall which does take the place of an opaque wall system. Window walls are also referred to as ribbon windows. N/A
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