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Controls and Operations
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EMIS Feature

Features of an Energy Management and Information System

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Frequency Of Maintenance

Frequency of maintenance on the premises or equipment.

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HVAC Systems Controlled

HVAC system that are monitored by this control.

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Laundry Load Type

Type of materials laundered.

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Maintenance Events Per Year

The number of maintenance events performed on the premises or equipment in the time period.

Maintenance Type

Maintenance is the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something.

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Meal Type

The type of meal served in this operation event.

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Meter Type

Meters can be divided into several categories based on their capabilities

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Observed Holidays

Holidays in which the operations follow a holiday schedule that is different from the main schedule.

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Operation Event

An operation event is an activity that is performed at the premises as part of primary operations. Operation events can be used as normalizers when benchmarking buildings.

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Operation Events Per Year

Number of operation events that take place in a year.

Operational Control Actor

The actor who has authority to introduce and implement any or all operating and/or environmental policies and measures

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Operational Mode

The equipment state of connection to a power source for use, and providing one or more primary functions.

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Partial Operation Percentage

Percent of category that is in operation. If Schedule Category is Occupancy, then the percent of occupants from typical max. If Schedule Category is an equipment, then power as a percent of installed capacity.

Percent Of Area Controlled

Percentage of the premises gross floor area that is controlled by this system.

Reset Routine

Times when the HVAC equipment is setback. For example, when the heat is lowered during the heating season, or the cooling setpoint increased during the cooling season.

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Schedule Category

The category this schedule applies to.

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Schedule Day

Day(s) this schedule applies to.

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Schedule Period

The period label for the schedule.

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Schedule Period Begin Day

The day when this schedule period takes effect.

Schedule Period Begin Month

The month when this schedule period takes effect.

Schedule Period End Day

The day when this schedule period ends.

Schedule Period End Month

The month when this schedule period ends.

Sensor Type

Physical property measured by the sensor.

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The single target value for a setpoint that does not include a range.