Control Communication Protocol

Standards for control communication protocols.

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AMX192 AMX192 (often referred to simply as AMX) is an analog lighting communications protocol used to control stage lighting. None
BACnet Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks that leverage the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standard protocol None
Current None
D54 An analogue lighting communications protocol used to control stage lighting developed by Strand Lighting. None
DALI Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a trademark for network-based systems that control lighting in building automation. None
DMX512 DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. None
DSI Digital Serial Interface (DSI) is a protocol for the controlling of lighting in buildings None
EnOcean The EnOcean technology is an energy harvesting wireless technology used primarily in building automation systems None
Konnex A standardized protocol for building control and home automation. None
LonTalk LonTalk is a protocol for control of networking devices over media such as twisted pair, powerlines, fiber optics, and RF. It is popular for the automation of various functions in industrial control, home automation, transportation, and buildings systems such as lighting and HVAC None
MODBUS Modbus is a serial communications protocol for use with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
PROFIBUS FMS A standard for fieldbus communication in automation technology. None
RDM Remote Device Management (RDM) is a protocol enhancement to USITT DMX512 that allows bi-directional communication between a lighting or system controller and attached RDM compliant devices over a standard DMX line None
Unknown Unknown None
Voltage None
Wireless Infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) None
Z wave Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for home automation. It is a mesh network using low-energy radio waves to communicate from appliance to appliance None
Zigbee Zigbee is an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios None
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