Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Earthquake Zone

If the property is in an earthquake zone, what is the source of the zone designation.

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eGRID Region Code

The eGRID (Emissions and Generation Resource Database) region code associated with the data being described.

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The elevation (distance above sea level) at the site.

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Energy Metered Premises

Designation of what areas within the premises are covered by energy meters.

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Federal Sustainability Checklist Completion Percentage

Percentage of the Federal High Performance sustainability Checklist that has been completed for federal building in Portfolio Manager.

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Finished Status

The condition of the premises relative to the amount of work that has been done to the components and surfaces.

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Fire Hazard Severity Zone

Fire hazard severity zone rating

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Flood Zone

If the property is in a flood zone, what is the source of the zone designation.

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Floor Area Qualifier

Floor area can be defined and described in many different ways for different purposes. This type field allows multiple types of floor area definitions to exist in the same dataset.

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Floor Height Measurement

The method for measuring each floor level, or story, in a premises.

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Ground Reflectance

Reflectivity of the ground. Legal values: 0-1

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Height Classification

Classification of height of a structure in number of strories

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Height Distribution

Description of height variations in the premises.

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Highest Level Of Occupant Education

Highest education level of the household occupants.

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Hurricane Zone

Designation of the premises relative to a Hurricane Zone.

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A unique value associated with an Identifier Label or other qualifier.

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Identifier Label

Identifier qualifier used in a specific program or dataset. There can be multiple instances of Identifier Labels and associated Identifiers within a given dataset, such as a Listing Identifier, a Project Identifier, or a Custom Identifier.

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For Climate Zone Type = IECC, the year of the IECC used for that climate zone definition.


Distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees up to 90 degrees.

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Lighting Status

Description of the how much of the premises is illuminated by daylight during the day.

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Distance measured in degrees east or west from an imaginary line (called the prime meridian) that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole and that passes through Greenwich, England.

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Market Threshold

Purchase pricing threshold within which a property falls

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North American Industry Classification System code.

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National Median Reference Property Type

The National Median is the median reference point for the premises based on the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS).

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Wind power density (WPD) is a calculation of the mean annual power available per square meter of swept area of a turbine. Classes are defined by NREL. Class specifics can be found at

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