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Walking Score

A walkability index based on the time to walk from a property to nearby essentials such as grocery stores, schools, churches, etc. See for more information and requirements for using WalkScore.

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Water Fixture Type

A water fixture is an exchangeable device which can be connected to a plumbing system to deliver and drain water.

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Water Metered Premises

Designation of what areas within the premises are covered by water meters.

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Weather Data Station ID

For an actual weather station, this is the ID assigned by NOAA. For hourly energy simulations, this is the six digit code associated with the hourly weather data, generally found in the name of the weather data file, as well as in the header of the data file.

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Weather Data Type

For hourly energy simulations, the type of data used in the hourly weather data. This information is generally found in the name of the weather data file, as well as in the header of the data file. In the United States, the normal type of data is Typical Meteorological Year (TMY), which represent a year of typical climatic conditions for a location. The data set is composed of 12 months of typical meteorological data concatenated to form a single year with a complete data set for primary measurements. The monthly data sets contain actual meteorological measurements and modeled solar values.

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Weather Metric

Metric related to weather.

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Weather Metric Value

Value for the weather metric.

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Weather Station Category

Describes the type of weather station used to specify the site's weather.

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Weather Station Name

The name of the weather station associated with this premises, which could be used for simulations, weather normalization, anomaly resolution, etc. For simulations, this is usually the name of the weather file, but the name is also in the header of the data file (TMY, IWEC), such as USA_CO_Denver.Intl.AP.

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