Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Resource Cost Savings View $
Resource Cost Savings Intensity View $/ft2
Resource Savings

Energy or water resource savings that can be realized from a measure or a project. This term can also further explained by using a relevant entry from the term Interval Frequency.

View Unknown
Resource Savings Intensity

Resource savings per square foot.

View Unknown
Retro Commissioning Exemption

Conditions under which the building is exempt from a mandated retro-commissioning.

View None
Savings Attribution

Type of savings associated with a measure or project. Complete constrained list options include constrained lists from Energy Resource and Water Resource.

View None

Percentage of the premises affected by the measure that's either proposed, implemented or evaluated

View percent
Technology Category

Categories of technology that can be used as qualifiers for Measures or other terms. Categories are inclusive of systems defined.

View None
Work Performed By

Entity who performed the work.

View None


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