Savings Attribution

Type of savings associated with a measure or project. Complete constrained list options include constrained lists from Energy Resource and Water Resource.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Energy savings certificates An Energy Savings Certificate (ESC), also known as an Energy Efficiency Credit (EEC), white certificate or white tag, is an instrument issued by an authorized body guaranteeing that a specified amount of energy savings has been achieved. Each certificate is a unique and traceable commodity carrying a property right over a certain amount of additional energy savings and guaranteeing that the benefit of these savings has not been accounted for elsewhere. None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Operation and maintenance Savings due to reduction in operating and maintenance costs because a piece of equipment or system has been replaced. None
Other Other None
Renewable energy credits Savings due to sale of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as Green tags, Renewable Energy Credits, Renewable Electricity Certificates, or Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs). RECs are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities in the United States that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource (renewable electricity). None
Repair and replacement Savings due to reduction of repair, and replacement activities by existing staff. This allows staff to focus on other activities. The planned expenditures for repair parts and materials are annually recurring energy-related cost savings that can support contractor payments, but there are no personnel cost savings because the agency siteÕs staffing level remains the same None
Total non resource Total savings not including energy or natural resources. None
Unknown Unknown None
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