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Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Accumulated nonactive energy The energy, in watt-hours (Wh), consumed by the battery charger in battery maintenance and standby modes of operation over a period of time. A standard 48-hour period is used for evaluation, consisting of 36 hours of maintenance mode operation followed by 12 hours of standby mode operation. View None
ACH air changes per hour View None
ACH Air changes per hour View None
ACH50 Air changes per hour at 50 Pascals (Pa) pressure View None
ACHnatural Air changes per hour at natural air leakage rate View None
acres acres View None
Action Category

Type of activity associated with a project.

View None
Active View None
Active The operational state in which the machine is carrying out primary work. View None
Active View None
Active Dehumidification

Availability of an active dehumidification system (in addition to the dehumidification that takes place during normal DX cooling operation).

View None
Actual Data determined to accurately represent actual conditions View None
Adaptive compensation Lowering illuminance at night in spaces, based on research indicating that people both need and prefer less light at night than during the day. For example, in applications with long hours of operationg during the night, such as airports and 24-hour retailers, this can produce significant energy savings. Also known as night setback. View None
Added After Benchmark Year View None
Addition New addition of space, system, or equipment to existing premises View None
Additional to last billing period Since the last referenced billing period View None
Address Label

Characterization of the address

View None
Address Line 1

This address represents a complete street address, including street number, street name, prefixes, suffixes, modifiers, and unit number.

View None
Address Line 2

Information other than a prefix or suffix for the street portion of a postal address.

View None
Address Number

The numeric identifier for a land parcel, house, building, or other location along a thoroughfare or within a community.

View None
Address Number Prefix

The portion of the complete address number which precedes the Address Number itself.

View None
Address Number Suffix

The portion of the complete address number which follows the Address Number itself. In some areas the street number may contain non-numeric characters. This field can also contain extensions and modifiers to the street number, such as "1/2" or "-B". This street number field should not include Prefixes, Direction or Suffixes.

View None
Address Separator Element

A symbol, word, or phrase used as a separator between components of a complex element or class. The separator is required for intersection addresses and for two number address ranges, and it may be used in constructing a complete address name. Example separator elements are: "and", "at", "@", "&", "-", "/". Can also include prepositional phrases like in "Avenue of the Americas", the Address Separator Element = "of the".

View None
Adjusted Data value has been adjusted by some procedure View None
Adjusted to specific year The expected value if the new operations were revised to reflect the operations in a specific year View None


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