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Natural Ventilation Metric

Metric used in measuring the rate of natural ventilation

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Natural Ventilation Rate

Average rate of natural ventilation when used. Units depend on ventilation method

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Number Of Discrete Cooling Stages

The number of discrete operating stages, excluding "off."

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Number Of Discrete Fan Speeds

The number of discrete operating speeds for the supply-fan motor, excluding "off." Only used if flow control is "stepped"

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Number of Heating Stages

The number of heating stages, excluding "off."

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Other HVAC Type

Type of space conditioning equipment that is not classified as heating, cooling, or air-distribution. This category includes ventilation, dehumidification, humidification, and air cleaning systems.

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Output Capacity

Output capacity of equipment.

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Part Load Ratio Below Which Hot Gas Bypass Operates

The part load ratio of a chiller below which hot gas bypass (HGBP) operates.

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Pipe Application

Application of pipe

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Pipe Configuration

Number of pipes for distributing steam, refrigerant, or water to individual zones.

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Pipe Insulation Thickness

Defines how thick insulation on pipes in a heating, cooling, water heating system is.

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Pipe Location

Percentage of pipe length in conditioned space

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The type of refrigerant used in the heat pump

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Refrigerant Charge Factor

Used to adjust cooling efficiency for assumed slightly degraded performance if refrigerant charge is not verified through acceptance test procedures

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Reheat Source

Energy source used to provide reheat energy at a terminal unit.

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Required Ventilation Rate

Minimum ventilation rate required by local code.

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Return Duct Percent Conditioned Space

Percentage of return duct surface area, including the air handler, that is located within conditioned space (0-1).

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Sequencing availability of HVAC system

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Static Pressure

The expected or installed internal static pressure of the system at full supply fan speed including all filters, coils, and accessories.

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Supply Duct Percent Conditioned Space

Percentage of supply duct surface area that is located within conditioned space (0-1).

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Supply Fraction Of Duct Leakage

Fraction of total duct leakage that is on the supply side. Remainder is assumed to be on the return side (0-1).

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System Performance Ratio

Ratio of annual system load to the annual system energy consumption (similar to a whole system COP). A higher value indicates less heating and/or cooling energy use to meet the loads, and therefore represents a more efficient HVAC system. SPR can be used to describe the heating, cooling, and overall HVAC systems.

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Ventilation Rate

Installed flow rate for mechanical ventilation system.

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Ventilation Type

Type of ventilation, and use of heat recovery

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Water Side Economizer

Presence of water-side economizer to provide free cooling.

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