Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Absorption Heat Source

Source of heating energy for regeneration

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Absorption Stages

Number of stages in regeneration process

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Active Dehumidification

Availability of an active dehumidification system (in addition to the dehumidification that takes place during normal DX cooling operation).

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Air Distribution Type

Basic configuration of air-distribution equipment.

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Air Side Economizer

Presence of air-side economizer to provide free cooling.

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Air Side Economizer Type

Type of air economizer system associated with a cooling system.

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Belt Type

Type of belt drive in fan unit

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Boiler Blowdown Rate

A blowdown of the boiler is a routine operation necessary due to the increased concentration of Total Dissolved Solids - TDS - in the boiler during the steam production. The blowdown rate of a boiler depends on: steam consumption (steam used in the process and not returned as condensate to the boiler), concentration of impurities in the feed water, maximum allowable TDS in the boiler.

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Boiler Insulation R Value

Insulation R-Value of hot water storage tank.

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Boiler Insulation Thickness

Insulation thickness of hot water storage tank. [inches]

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Boiler Percent Condensate Return

The percentage of condensed steam that is returned to the boiler.

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Burner Turndown Ratio

If applicable, the turndown ratio for the burner (full input/minimum input).

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Burner Type

Type of burner on boiler or furnace, if applicable.

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Cell Control Type

Cooling tower cell control type. A cooling tower cell is the smallest tower subdivision bounded by either exterior walls or partition walls, which can function as an independent unit with regard to air and water flowMost larger cooling tower systems use a multiple-cell configuration. This configuration allows for the correct staging of equipment as the facility loads vary and incorporate redundancies such that critical operations are never in jeopardy of being nonoperational.

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Cell Count

The number of cells in the cooling tower. Each cell has its own fan, water flow allowing for responding to lower load conditions

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Chiller Compressor Driver

Equipment driving the compressor used in a chiller

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Chiller Compressor Type

Type of compressor in the chiller.

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Compressor Staging

The compressor staging for the unit. Select "Single Stage" for units with single stage (on/off) control. Select "Multiple, Discrete Stages" for units with multiple compressors, discrete unloading stages, or compressors with stepped speed motors that are controlled to operate at discrete stages. Select "Variable" for compressors that operate at variable speeds or with modulating unloading.

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Condenser Fan Speed Operation

The condenser fan control option used by the unit. If the unit has several constant-speed condenser fans that stage on in conjunction with multiple compressors, this should be set to ÒStepped Speed.Ó

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Condenser Type

Type of condenser used for DX cooling plant.

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Condensing Operation

Capability of a boiler or furnace of condensing the water vapor in the exhaust flue gas to obtain a higher efficiency.

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Cooling Delivery Type

Method of delivering cooling to the zone.

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Cooling Heating Delivery Type

Delivery type of either a cooling or heating system

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Cooling Heating Medium

Cooling or heating medium

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Cooling Heating Type

Type of cooling or heating system

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