Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure

Age of premises or equipment in years.

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Generic term to add boolean constrained list options to any term

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Date Status

Status of the associated Date

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Distribution center Distribution center View
Electric lighting Primary lighting source is electric. View N/A
Floor Level

Integer value of a floor level beginning in the US at 1 for ground level. Can be negative for below grade levels.

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Health care pharmacy Health care premises where medication is prepared, dispensed and/or sold. View n/a
Health care residential treatment center A residential live-in Health care premises providing therapy for substance abuse, mental illness, or other behavioral problems. View n/a
Quantity Intensity

The number of entities per unit area. This can be used to represent load densities (e.g., People/ft2, Watts/ft2)

Solar Reflectance Index

A measure of a roof's ability to reject solar heat, as shown by a small temperature rise. It is defined so that a standard black (reflectance 0.05, emittance 0.90) is 0 and a standard white (reflectance 0.80, emittance 0.90) is 100. SRI

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Thermal zone Thermal zone is a space or group of spaces within a building with heating and cooling requirements that are sufficiently similar so that desired conditions (e.g., temperature) can be maintained throughout using a single sensor. View n/a

Generic holder for numeric value characterized by atomic qualifiers

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