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Resource Cost

The cost of a resource over a selected time period.

Resource Cost Intensity

The cost per square foot associated with a selected time period for a premises. It can be an individual value for different energy types, and can also be an aggregated value across all energy types. This term can be associated with one or more Resource Qualifiers in the constrained list.

Resource Flow Intensity

For Water and Waste-water treatment facilities, the Energy Use, divided by the total average flow through the plant.

Resource Generation

Type of resource generation

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Resource Intensity

The resource value divided by the premises gross floor area. Refer to Resource Units and divide by area in square feet

Resource Value

The amount of resource consumed, generated, or exported from the premises.

Shared Resource Configuration

Situation that applies if a resource is shared with multiple premises, such as shared chilled water among buildings.

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Source Site Ratio

Ratio of energy consumed at a central power plant to that delivered to a customer.

Temporal Status

Temporal charcateristic of this measurement.

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Tier ID

This term is intended to capture the tier designation for a particular rate structure. For electricity pricing that is based on tiered pricing, each tier is allotted a certain maximum (kWh), above which the user is moved to the next tier that has a different unit pricing. For example - Tier 1 for rate schedule EV9

Tier Maximum

The maximum amount of resource used at which a tier rate is applied for a given rate schedule and a tier. For example - Tier 1 for rate schedule EV9 is applicable till a maximum kWh of 1000.

Tier Minimum

Minimum energy for this rate structure range.

Time Zone Code

The 3 letter code for the time zone

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Emission Boundary

The boundary that encompases the measured emissions.

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Emission Gas Type

Emissions gas type

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Emission Source

Source of emissions.

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Emissions Factor

Emissions factor associated with a Resource

Emissions Flow Intensity

The resulting GHG Emissions for Water and Wastewater treatment facilities divided by the total average flow through the plant.This term can be associated with one or more Qualifiers in the constrained list.

Emissions Intensity

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for the premises, divided by the gross floor area of the premises.

Emissions Savings

Emissions savings that result from a given action

Emissions Value

Emissions that result in gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

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Unit Of Measure

Unit of measurement for the data value.

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Confirmed By

Entity that confirmed the accuracy of the data.

Derivation Method

The method by which the data was learned.

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High Range Value

Maximum value in a range.