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Load Category

Category of internal or external load either directly to energy use (e.g., lighting electric load to electricity consumption and/or demand) or indirectly through a thermal load to interior conditioning (e.g., lighting heat load to space conditioning).

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Load Value

Value of load associated with Load Category or HVAC Category

Luminaire Configuration

Luminaire configuration size

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Luminaire Type

Luminaire type

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Motor Characteristic

Descriptive metrics that characterize the motor.

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Motor Characteristic Value

Value associated with the Motor Characteristic.

Motor Enclosure

Enclosing environment of the motor.

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Network Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary equipment enabling and maintaining data storage services.

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Network Equipment Type

A type of network equipment.

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Network Key Terms

Key terms related to server activities.

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Network Shipment

Associated functions for network traffic or shipment that enables data to network transfer.

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Number Of Cycles

Number of stages or cycles available for unloading the compressor in a refrigeration system.

Number Of Oven Racks

Number of full rack of sheet pans of product an oven is able to hold based on nominal 4-inch spacing between pans.

Nutrient Removal Process

Nutrient removal is considered to be any process included for the purpose of removing nutrients (i.e., nitrogen, phosphorous).

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Oven Size

Capacity of combination oven in terms of standard sizing.

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Pipe Characteristic

Additional characteristics of pipes

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Pool Size Category

Categorical size of a pool.

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Process Load Type

Plug load essential to routine processes.

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Pump Application

Type of system served by a pump

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Recirculation Loop Count

The total number of hot water recirculation loops coming from and returning to a specific water heater.

Reflector Type

Characteristics of the lamp luminaire.

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Refrigeration Characteristics

Characteristics of refrigeration systems

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Refrigeration Components

Components that make up the refrigeration equipment.

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Refrigeration Compressor Type

Type of compressor in the refrigeration system. See Chiller Compressor Type for list.

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Refrigeration Type

Refrigeration equipment includes a refrigerator or freezer used for storing food products at specified temperatures, with the condensing unit and compressor built into the cabinet, and designed for use by commercial or institutional premises, other than laboratory settings. These units may be vertical or chest configurations and may contain a worktop surface.

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