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Duct Type

Type of duct material.

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Equipment Redundancy

Redundancy availability or formal redundancy level for specified equipment

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Evaporative Cooling Type

Defines the type of evaporative cooler operation

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Evaporative Wet Bulb Effectiveness

The ratio of the difference between inlet and outlet air temperature to the difference between inlet air temperature and its wet bulb temperature

Evaporatively Cooled Condenser

Availability of evaporative cooling to enhance heat rejection from the condenser coils.

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Fan Application

Application of fan (supply, return, or exhaust)

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Fan Control Type

Type of fan control

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Fan Placement

Placement of fan relative to the air stream.

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Fan Power Minimum Ratio

The minimum power draw of the fan, expressed as a ratio of the full load fan power.

Fan Size

Maximum air flow produced by the fan.

Fan Type

Method of generating air flow

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Flow Control Type

Type of air flow control.

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Geothermal Loop

The type of loop field used in a geothermal system (e.g., heat pump)

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Heat Pump Backup AFUE

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of backup system for heat pump

Heat Pump Backup Heating Switchover Temperature

Minimum outside temperature at which the heat pump can operate

Heat Pump Backup System Fuel

Backup fuel used by the heat pump

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Heat Pump Sink Source Type

Sink source of the heat pump

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Heat Recovery Type

Type of heat recovery between two systems.

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Heating Delivery Type

Method for delivering and or distributing heat to the building or Space Function. May be multiple delivery methods for each plant.

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Heating Medium

Medium used to transport heat from a central heating system to individual zones.

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Heating Source

Source of heating

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Heating Stage Capacity Fraction

Average capacity of each heating stage, at ARI rated conditions, expressed as a fraction of total capacity

Heating Staging

The method of heating staging used by the unit. Select ÒSingle StageÓ for units with single stage (on/off) control. Select ÒMultiple, Discrete StagesÓ for units with multiple discrete stages (low-fire / high-fire). Select ÒModulatingÓ for units which contain modulating burners.

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Heating Type

Source of heat. Heating delivery is recorded in a separate data field. Use of fans or blowers by themselves without heated air or water is not included in this definition of heating.

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