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Floor Area Qualifier

Floor area can be defined and described in many different ways for different purposes. This type field allows multiple types of floor area definitions to exist in the same dataset.

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Flood Zone

If the property is in a flood zone, what is the source of the zone designation.

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Fire Hazard Severity Zone

Fire hazard severity zone rating

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Finished Status

The condition of the premises relative to the amount of work that has been done to the components and surfaces.

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Federal Sustainability Checklist Completion Percentage

Percentage of the Federal High Performance sustainability Checklist that has been completed for federal building in Portfolio Manager.

Energy Metered Premises

Designation of what areas within the premises are covered by energy meters.

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The elevation (distance above sea level) at the site.

eGRID Subregion Code

The eGRID (Emissions and Generation Resource Database) subregion code associated with the data being described.

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Earthquake Zone

If the property is in an earthquake zone, what is the source of the zone designation.

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Distance To Public Transportation

Distance from premises to the nearest public transportation.

Distance To Freeway

Distance from property to the nearest freeway.

Construction Status Date

Date when the construction status first applied.

Construction Status

Indicates whether the premises is in design or in existing operation.

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Climate Zone Type

The climate zone type, based on the organization defining it. Many different organizations have implemented different climate zone definitions based on their needs. The list below represents the current list. This list can be added to over time based on the collaborative BEDES development process.

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Climate Zone

Based on the Climate Zone Type term, this is the climate zone designation. For example, if the Climate Zone Type is ASHRAE, and the climate zone for this site fell into the Hot - Humid zone, this term would have the value of "2A".

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Class Height

Vertical extrapolation of wind speed based on the 1/7 power law

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Builder Model

The builders model name or number for the property.

Benchmark Type

The type of benchmark being used

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Benchmark Percentile

Assessed percentile standing for the premises relative to benchmarking peer group.

Benchmark Peer Group

The group of buildings that the premises in question is being compared against.

Assessment Year

Year the assessment qualifications for recognition were documented.

Assessment Version

Version of the assessment documentation, such as "2.0"

Assessment Value

Value from assessment programs that produce a numeric metric, such as Energy Star Score, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score, Home Energy Score

Assessment Tool

Tools that provide a performance ranking based on a peer group of similar buildings.

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Assessment Recognition Type

Type of recognition awarded through assessment program.

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