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Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Analog A television product which has an NTSC, PAL, or SECAM tuner, and may have analog video inputs (e.g., composite video, component video, S-video, RGB). View N/A
Analog telephone A Telephone or component of a Telephone system that ultimately converts sound into analog waveforms for transmission through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). View N/A
Animals The premises is meant to provide shelter to animals rather than people. View N/A
Animals View N/A
Annex Commonly used street suffix or abbreviations: Annex, Annx, Anx View N/A
Annual View N/A
Annual cooling Overall annual efficiency of a cooling system View N/A
Annual heating Overall annual efficiency of a heating system View N/A
Annually View N/A
Anti sweat heater equipment An anti-sweat heater feature for glass display doors for a refrigerated case. May have control option for energy efficiency. View N/A
Anti sweat heaters Refrigeration anti-sweat heaters View n/a
AP Armed Forces Pacific View N/A
Apartment Common unit abbreviation: Apt View N/A
Apartment unit Individual units in multifamily housing that are rented or sold separately. View N/A
API transfer The value was transferred via a web services or other software connection directly from another software program View n/a
Appliance Appliance load View N/A
Appliances Appliances View n/a
Application Scale

Scale at which the project or measure is applied, such as an individual system, multiple systems, or entire facility

View N/A
Appropriated funds Funds derived from public sources. View N/A
Approved The application has been approved. View N/A
Approved Approved View N/A
Approved View N/A
Aquarium View n/a
Aquired View N/A
AR Arkansas View N/A


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