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Cooling Medium

Medium used to transport cooling energy from a central cooling system to individual zones.

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Cooling Stage Capacity

Average capacity of each cooling stage, at ARI rated conditions, expressed as a fraction of total capacity

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Cooling Type

Source of cooling. Cooling delivery is recorded in a separate data field. Use of fans or blowers by themselves without chilled air or water is not included in this definition of cooling. Stand-alone dehumidifiers are also not included.

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Dehumidification Type

Dehumidification type in air-distribution system.

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Design Static Pressure

The design static pressure for the fan

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Draft Type

Draft mechanism used for drawing air through a boiler, furnace, or water heater.

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Duct Configuration

Configuration of ducts.

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Duct Insulation R Value

R-value of duct insulation.

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Duct Leakage Test Method

Method used to estimate duct leakage

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Duct Pressure Test Leakage Percentage

Duct leakage found from pressure test. Reported as a percentage. [%]

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Duct Pressure Test Leakage Rate

Duct leakage found from pressure test. Reported in cubic feet per minute.

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Duct Sealing

Condition of duct sealing.

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Duct Surface Area

Total surface area of ducts associated with this air distribution system.

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Duct Type

Type of duct material.

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Equipment Redundancy

Redundancy availability or formal redundancy level for specified equipment

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Evaporative Cooling Type

Defines the type of evaporative cooler operation

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Evaporative Wet Bulb Effectiveness

The ratio of the difference between inlet and outlet air temperature to the difference between inlet air temperature and its wet bulb temperature

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Evaporatively Cooled Condenser

Availability of evaporative cooling to enhance heat rejection from the condenser coils.

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Fan Application

Application of fan (supply, return, or exhaust)

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Fan Control Type

Type of fan control

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Fan Placement

Placement of fan relative to the air stream.

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Fan Power Minimum Ratio

The minimum power draw of the fan, expressed as a ratio of the full load fan power.

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Fan Size

Maximum air flow produced by the fan.

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Fan Type

Method of generating air flow

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Flow Control Type

Type of air flow control.

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