Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Assembly convention center Enclosed premises that are leased or rented, including auditoriums, banquet halls, flea market spaces, and conference centers. View N/A
Assembly religious Religious public assembly premises including funeral parlors, churches, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, and temples. View N/A
Assembly stadium Open or enclosed premises including arenas, stadiums, and race tracks, and performing arts theaters that are operating live events such as fairs, concerts, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and festivals. View N/A
Bank Bank office premises that provide trust, fiduciary, and custody services to others including bank trust offices and escrow agencies. View N/A
Convenience store Convenience food store or food mart premises, excluding gas stations, that are sell a limited line of goods. View N/A
Courthouse Court premises for public safety including civilian courts, courts of law, and sheriffs' offices conducting court functions only. View N/A
Education secondary Secondary education premises including secondary school, junior high school, middle school, and high school. Also includes schools for the academic, technical, vocational, montessori, handicapped, boarding, preparatory, private, finishing, parochial and military. View N/A
Food sales grocery store Supermarkets, grocery stores, gourmet food stores, and food super stores that sell a general line of food as well as general new merchandise. View N/A
Gas station Convenience food store and gas station premises that sells food mart items and automotive fuels. These establishments may provide automotive repair services. View N/A
Health care veterinary Premises that provides services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and health care of animal populations. Including dental services and laboratory testing services for animals. View N/A
Laboratory testing Laboratory premises that have physical, chemical, and other analytical testing services. View n/a
Lodging Lodging premises with unconventional or temporary housing type such as a bed and breakfast. View N/A
Lodging institutional Lodging premises including student housing, dormitory, residence hall, fraternity, sorority, military barrack, government shelter, and orphanage. Excluding correctional facility and skilled nursing home. View N/A
Lodging with extended amenities Lodging premises including hotels and resort. View N/A
Lodging with limited amenities Lodging premises including motels, lodges, inns, camps, cabins, and cottages. View N/A
Public safety Government or non-government premises for public safety activities such as emergency planning and disaster preparedness centers. View N/A
Public safety correctional facility Long-term corrections facility premises for the confinement, correction, and rehabilitation of adult and/or juvenile offenders sentenced by a court. View N/A
Public safety detention center Short-term detention center premises for the confinement, correction, and rehabilitation of adult and/or juvenile offenders sentenced by a court. View N/A
Public safety station Premises for criminal and civil law enforcement and other activities related to the preservation of order including fire, police, and ranger stations. View N/A
Recreation Recreation premises including roller skating rinks, climbing gym, bowling alleys, basketball courts, ping pong, racquetball, handball, and batting cages. View N/A
Recreation fitness center Fitness center premises for active physical fitness conditioning including aerobic dance or exercise centers, or weight training centers. View N/A
Recreation ice rink Ice rink premises such as gyms, health clubs, training facilities and ice skating rinks. View N/A
Recreation indoor sport Indoor sport premises for aerobic dance or exercise centers including handball courts, racquetball courts, or tennis courts, bike park, skateboard park and curling rink. View N/A
Recreation pool Indoor or outdoor recreation premises for swimming or wave pool for fitness or recreational purposes. View N/A
Service beauty and health Premises with beauty services including barber shops, hair stylist shops, facial salons, nail salon, hairdressing salon, cosmetology salon, and other personal care services. View N/A


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