Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Appliances Appliances View None
Assembly arcade or casino without lodging Premises that offers table games along with other activities, such as arcade games or slot machines. These establishments may provide food and beverage services, but exclude hotel lodging. View None
Assembly convention center Enclosed premises that are leased or rented, including auditoriums, banquet halls, flea market spaces, and conference centers. View None
Assembly cultural entertainment Cultural entertainment premises including museums, libraries, and galleries. View None
Assembly religious Religious public assembly premises including funeral parlors, churches, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, and temples. View None
Assembly stadium Open or enclosed premises including arenas, stadiums, and race tracks, and performing arts theaters that are operating live events such as fairs, concerts, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and festivals. View None
Assessment Compliance Target Date

Date a premises is expected to achieve assessment recognition, including in the appropriate cases, third party verification

Bank Bank office premises that provide trust, fiduciary, and custody services to others including bank trust offices and escrow agencies. View None
Batteries Batteries View None
Beverage containers Beverage containers (aluminum, glass, plastic) View None
Building materials carpet and padding Building Materials - Carpet/Carpet Padding View None
Building materials concrete Building Materials - Concrete View None
Building materials mixed Building Materials - Mixed/Other View None
Building materials steel Building Materials - Steel View None
Building materials wood Building Materials - Wood View None
Cardboard or corrugated containers Cardboard or corrugated containers View None
Composted Composted View None
Convenience store Convenience food store or food mart premises, excluding gas stations, that are sell a limited line of goods. View None
Courthouse Court premises for public safety including civilian courts, courts of law, and sheriffs' offices conducting court functions only. View None
Disposed Disposed View None
Diversion Rate

Waste Diversion Rate is the percentage of total Waste Materials that get Recycled, Composted, or Reused.

View percent
Diverted Diverted View None
Education School premises for educational purposes. View None
Education higher Higher education premises including community college, junior college, university, vocational school, technical school, and professional school. View None
Education secondary Secondary education premises including secondary school, junior high school, middle school, and high school. Also includes schools for the academic, technical, vocational, montessori, handicapped, boarding, preparatory, private, finishing, parochial and military. View None


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