Term Term Definition Options Unit of Measure
Anti sweat heater equipment An anti-sweat heater feature for glass display doors for a refrigerated case. May have control option for energy efficiency. View N/A
Compressor unloader Compressor unloader is (1) device for controlling compressor capacity by rendering one or more cylinders ineffective. (2) device on or in a compressor for equalizing the high- and low-side pressures for a brief period during starting in order to decrease the starting load on the motor. View N/A
Condensing temperature The saturation temperature, in degrees, corresponding to the measured refrigerant pressure at the condenser inlet. View n/a
Desuperheater valve The level of refrigerant superheater is controlled using a desuperheater valve. A refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger that transfers heat from high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant to domestic water. Heat transfer occurs when the heat pump (air conditioner) operates to satisfy the building space conditioning load. Within the refrigeration circuit, the desuperheater is located between the compressor discharge and the reversing valve of a heat pump or between the compressor discharge and the inlet to the refrigerant-to-air condenser of an air conditioner. View N/A
Net refrigeration capacity That portion of the total refrigeration capacity of a liquid cooler that produces useful cooling. This is the product of the mass flow rate of liquid, specific heat of the liquid, and the difference between entering and leaving liquid temperatures, expressed in energy units per unit of time. It is represented also by the total refrigeration capacity less the heat leakage rate. View n/a
Reciprocating A positive-displacement compressor that uses pistons driven by a crankshaft to deliver gases at high pressure. View N/A
Refrigerant subcooler Heat exchanger, after the condenser, for subcooling the condensed refrigerant. View N/A
Suction vapor temperature The temperature of the refrigerant vapor returning to the compressor or condensing unit. View n/a
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