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Cell Control Type

Cooling tower cell control type. A cooling tower cell is the smallest tower subdivision bounded by either exterior walls or partition walls, which can function as an independent unit with regard to air and water flowMost larger cooling tower systems use a multiple-cell configuration. This configuration allows for the correct staging of equipment as the facility loads vary and incorporate redundancies such that critical operations are never in jeopardy of being nonoperational.

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Cell Count

The number of cells in the cooling tower. Each cell has its own fan, water flow allowing for responding to lower load conditions

Chiller Compressor Driver

Equipment driving the compressor used in a chiller

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Chiller Compressor Type

Type of compressor in the chiller.

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Compressor Staging

The compressor staging for the unit. Select "Single Stage" for units with single stage (on/off) control. Select "Multiple, Discrete Stages" for units with multiple compressors, discrete unloading stages, or compressors with stepped speed motors that are controlled to operate at discrete stages. Select "Variable" for compressors that operate at variable speeds or with modulating unloading.

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Condenser Fan Speed Operation

The condenser fan control option used by the unit. If the unit has several constant-speed condenser fans that stage on in conjunction with multiple compressors, this should be set to ÒStepped Speed.Ó

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Condenser Type

Type of condenser used for DX cooling plant.

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Condensing Operation

Capability of a boiler or furnace of condensing the water vapor in the exhaust flue gas to obtain a higher efficiency.

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Cooling Delivery Type

Method of delivering cooling to the zone.

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Cooling Heating Delivery Type

Delivery type of either a cooling or heating system

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Cooling Heating Medium

Cooling or heating medium

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Cooling Heating Type

Type of cooling or heating system

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Cooling Medium

Medium used to transport cooling energy from a central cooling system to individual zones.

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Cooling Stage Capacity

Average capacity of each cooling stage, at ARI rated conditions, expressed as a fraction of total capacity

Cooling Type

Source of cooling. Cooling delivery is recorded in a separate data field. Use of fans or blowers by themselves without chilled air or water is not included in this definition of cooling. Stand-alone dehumidifiers are also not included.

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Dehumidification Type

Dehumidification type in air-distribution system.

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Design Static Pressure

The design static pressure for the fan

Draft Type

Draft mechanism used for drawing air through a boiler, furnace, or water heater.

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Duct Configuration

Configuration of ducts.

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Duct Insulation R Value

R-value of duct insulation.

Duct Leakage Test Method

Method used to estimate duct leakage

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Duct Pressure Test Leakage Percentage

Duct leakage found from pressure test. Reported as a percentage. [%]

Duct Pressure Test Leakage Rate

Duct leakage found from pressure test. Reported in cubic feet per minute.

Duct Sealing

Condition of duct sealing.

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Duct Surface Area

Total surface area of ducts associated with this air distribution system.