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Loan Amount

An amount of a borrowed loan. Can be characterized using Loan Label.

Level Of Investment

Level of investment in energy conservation measure

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Labor Hours

Total number of hours needed to complete a task, each of which represents the labor of one person in one hour.

IPMVP Option

Recommended approach for verification of energy savings for this measure, based on IPMVP

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Interest Rate

Interest rate for borrowed funds


Gross income of the borrower(s). Use Interval Frequency to qualify (e.g., Annual, Month, etc.)

Implementation Status Date

Date at which the associated status went into effect.

Implementation Status

Implementation status of measure or a project

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Funding Source

Source of funding to implement the measure or a project

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Funding Amount

Value associated with a funding source

FICO Score

The "classic" or "generic" FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score of the borrower, as measured by one of the three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union).

Exemption Status

Status of Compliance Status Exemption

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Escalation Rate

Assumed increase in resource or other costs

Energy Cost Index

ECI is a generic term used for comparing the expected energy for anything from commercial office spaces, lighting, industrial air filtration, and even an entire home. ECI can be used to compare the impact on energy cost from a single device all the way up to complex systems. Calculated by dividing contributory Annual Energy Consumption Cost by the number of units affected by the device or system being measured.

Emissions Savings Intensity Unknown
Discount Factor

Discount factor applied to calculate present values of future cash flows

Discard Reason

Reason why the proposed mesure was dicarded.

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Debt Obligation

Total of all debt obligations for the borrower(s), including housing-related and non-housing-related debt. Use Interval Frequency to qualify (e.g., Annual, Month, etc.)

Cost Savings Intensity

Cost savings associated with a measure or project divided by the floor area affected.

Cost Savings

Cost savings associated with a measure or project. This term can also further explained by using a relevant entry from the term Interval Frequency.

Cost Period

Length of study period: The study period begins with the base date, the date to which all cash flows are discounted. The study period includes any planning/construction/implementation period and the service or occupancy period. The study period has to be the same for all alternatives considered.

Cost Intensity

Cost per square foot of affected space.

Cost Effectiveness Value

Metric for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of measures or project

Cost Effectiveness Screening Method

Method for calculating cost-effectiveness for measures or project

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