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Energy Cost Index

ECI is a generic term used for comparing the expected energy for anything from commercial office spaces, lighting, industrial air filtration, and even an entire home. ECI can be used to compare the impact on energy cost from a single device all the way up to complex systems. Calculated by dividing contributory Annual Energy Consumption Cost by the number of units affected by the device or system being measured.

Escalation Rate

Assumed increase in resource or other costs

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Exemption Status

Status of Compliance Status Exemption

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FICO Score

The "classic" or "generic" FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score of the borrower, as measured by one of the three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union).

Funding Amount

Value associated with a funding source

Funding Source

Source of funding to implement the measure or a project

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Implementation Status

Implementation status of measure or a project

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Implementation Status Date

Date at which the associated status went into effect.


Gross income of the borrower(s). Use Interval Frequency to qualify (e.g., Annual, Month, etc.)

Interest Rate

Interest rate for borrowed funds

IPMVP Option

Recommended approach for verification of energy savings for this measure, based on IPMVP

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Labor Hours

Total number of hours needed to complete a task, each of which represents the labor of one person in one hour.

Level Of Investment

Level of investment in energy conservation measure

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Loan Amount

An amount of a borrowed loan. Can be characterized using Loan Label.

Loan Label

Loan characterization qualifier

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Loan Repayment Status

The status of the borrower's repayment obligations at any given time.

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Loan Security

The collateral pledged, if any, to the lender to secure a loan.

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Number Of Permits Replaced

Number of permits replaced as part of measure.

Number Of Staff Members Trained

Number of staff members trained as part of measure.

Origination Channel

The original point of contact for a loan borrower.

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Periodically Recurring Costs

Costs to operate the project or measure or equipment or system and can associated with any of the Type of Implementation or Recurring Costs. This term can be used in conjunction with "Interval Frequency" defined in resource consumption and generation section

Project Name

Name of the project.

Quantity Affected

Quantity of devices or equipment affected by the measure- e.g, number of lighting luminaires replaced, tons of chiller replaced, number of VAV boxes installed.

Recommendation Status

Status of energy conservation measure proposal processing

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