Unit Of Measure

Unit of measurement for the data value.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
Portfolio Manager, BuildingSync
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
$ U.S dollars
$/(Btu/h-F) Dollar per Btu per hour-degree Fahrenheit
$/(ft3/min) Dollar per cubic feet per minute
$/(kBtuh/h) Dollar per kBtu-hour per hour (equivalent to $/kW)
$/ft2 Dollar per square feet
$/ft3 Dollar per cubic feet
$/kVAR Dollar per volt-ampere reactive (reactive power)
$/kW Dollar per kilowatt (demand)
$/kWh Dollar per kilowatt hour (energy)
A Amperes
ACH Air changes per hour n/a
Acres Acres
Btu British Thermal Unit (energy)
Btu/hr British thermal unit per hour (energy rate)
Btu/h·ft·°F Unit of Thermal Conductivity
Btu/lb-°F British thermal unit (energy) per pound per degree Fahrenheit, used to define specific heat
Btu/s British thermal units per second
Btu/Wh British thermal unit per watt hour
C Celsius
cal/h calorie/hour
ccf Hundred cubic feet
cd/m2 Luminous power per unit solid angle per unit projected source area. Units are sometimes called nits.
cfh Cubic feet per hour
cfm Cubic feet per minute
cmh Cubic meter per hour
Cooling ton Ton of refrigeration
Cord Full cord
Cubic Meters cubic meters
cycles/kWh cycles/kWh
days days
degree degree
F Fahrenheit
fc foot-candle
ft feet
ft-lbf/h Foot-Pound Force Per Hour
ft-lbf/min Foot-Pound Force Per Minute
ft2 square feet
ft2-°F-hr/Btu unit of insulation resistance
ft3 cubic feet
ft3/kWh/cycle capacity (volume) divided by the energy consumption per cycle
ft3/min cubic feet per minute
gallons gallons
gallons/cycle gallons/cycle
gallons/cycle/ft3 gallons/cycle/cubic feet
gallons/day gallons/day
gpm Gallons per minute
gram/hr grams per hour N/A
hour hour
hours/day hours/day
hours/week hours/week
hp horsepower
hr·ft2·°F/Btu Unit of thermal resistance
Hz Hertz- unit of frequency
in2 square inches
inches inches
kBtu thousand British thermal unit
kBtu/ft2 thousand British thermal unit per square feet
kBtu/gpd thousand British thermal unit per gallons per day
kBtu/hr thousand British thermal unit per unit hour
kcf thousand cubic feet
kcf/h thousand cubic feet per hour
kg kilogram
kg/h kilogram per hour
kg/MMBtu kilogram per MMBtu of energy
kgal Thousand gallons
kgal/ft2 Thousand gallons per square feet
kgCO2e kilogram of CO₂ equivalent
kgCO2e/gpd kilogram of CO₂ equivalent per gallons per day
kgCO2e/MMBtu kilogram of CO₂ equivalent per million british thermal unit
klbs Thousand pounds
Klbs/h thousand pounds per hour
kW kilowatt
kW/ton kilowatt per ton
kWh kilowatt hour
lb/ft3 pounds per cubic feet
lbs pounds
lbs/h pounds per hour
lbs/kWh pounds per kilowatt hour
linear ft linear feet
Liters/kWh Liters per kilowatt hour
loads/week loads/week
lumens The SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the quantity of visible light emitted by a source N/A
lux Luminous power emitted from a surface.
m/s meters per second
Mass ton Metric ton or tonnes
MCF Million cubic feet
mcf thousand cubic feet (ft3)
MCF/day million cubic feet per day
mg/l milligrams per day
Mgal million gallons
Mgal/d million gallons per day
micro Hz microhertz
micro V microvolts
min minutes
Mlbs million pounds
Mlbs Thousand pounds
Mlbs/h million pounds per hour
MMBtu million British Thermal Unit
MMBtu/hr million British Thermal Unit per hour
Month months
mph Miles per hour
MtCO2e Metric Ton of CO₂ equivalent
MW million Watt
MWh Megawatt hours
Pa Pascal
Percent percent
pixel Pixel
pixel/in2 pixels per square inch
ppi pixels per inch
psi pounds per square inch
rpm revolutions per minute
s second
Therm Therms
therms/h therms per hour
Ton-hour Ton hours
V Volt
W Watt
W/ft2 Watt per ft2
weeks/year Weeks/year
Wh Watt hours
Wh Watt-hour
Years Years
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