Unit Of Measure

Unit of measurement for the data value.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
Portfolio Manager, BuildingSync
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
$ US dollars
$/(Btu/hr-F) US dollars per British thermal unit per hour-degree Fahrenheit
$/(ft3/min) US dollars per cubic foot per minute
$/(kBtu/hr) US dollars per thousand British thermal units per hour
$/(kW-C) US dollars per kilowatt-degree Celsius
$/(m3/s) US dollars per cubic meter per second
$/ft2 US dollars per square foot
$/ft3 US dollars per cubic foot
$/kBtu US dollars per thousand British thermal units
$/kVAR US dollars per volt-ampere reactive (reactive power)
$/kW US dollars per kilowatt
$/kWh US dollars per thousand watt-hours
$/m2 US dollars per square meter
$/m3 US dollars per cubic meter
$/unit US dollars per generic unit
A amperes
ACH air changes per hour
acres acres
Btu British thermal units
Btu/(hr-ft-F) British thermal units per hour-foot-degree Fahrenheit (thermal conductivity)
Btu/(lb-F) British thermal units per pound-degree Fahrenheit (specific heat capacity)
Btu/hr British thermal units per hour
Btu/s British thermal units per second
Btu/Wh British thermal units per watt hour
C degrees Celsius
cal/hr calories per hour
ccf hundred cubic feet
cd/m2 candelas per square meter (luminance)
cfh cubic feet per hour
cfm cubic feet per minute
cmh cubic meters per hour
cooling tons cooling tons
Cord Full cord
cycles/kWh cycles per kilowatt-hour
days days
deg degrees (one 360th of a revolution)
F degrees Fahrenheit
fc foot-candles
ft feet
ft-lbf/hr foot-pounds force per hour
ft-lbf/min foot-pounds force per minute
ft/s feet per second
ft2 square feet
ft2-F-hr/Btu square feet-degrees Fahrenheit-hours per British thermal unit (insulation resistence)
ft3 cubic feet
ft3/(kBtu/cycle) cubic feet per thousand British thermal units per cycle
gal gallons
gal/cycle gallons per cycle
gal/cycle/ft3 gallons per cycle per cubic foot
gal/day gallons per day
gal/ft2 gallons per square foot
gal/kBtu gallons per thousand British thermal units
gal/kWh gallons per thousand watt-hours
GHz gigahertz (billion hertz)
gpm gallons per minute
gram/hr grams per hour
GW gigawatts (billion watts)
GWh gigawatt-hours (billion watt-hours)
hectares hectares
hp horsepower
hr hour or hours
hr-ft2-F/Btu hours-square feet-degrees Fahrenheit per British thermal unit (thermal insulance)
hr/day hours per day
hr/week hours per week
hr/year hours per year
Hz hertz (cycles per second)
in inches
in2 square inches
in3 cubic inches
J/(kg-K) joules per kilogram-Kelvin (specific heat capacity)
K-m2/W Kelvin-square meters per watt (thermal resistance)
kBtu thousand British thermal units
kBtu/(gal/day) thousand British thermal units per gallon per day
kBtu/ft2 thousand British thermal units per square foot
kBtu/hr thousand British thermal units per hour
kBtu/hr/ton thousand British thermal units per hour per ton
kcf thousand cubic feet
kcf/hr thousand cubic feet per hour
kg kilograms (thousand grams)
kg/hr kilograms per hour
kg/kWh kilograms per thousand watt-hours
kg/MMBtu kilograms per million British thermal units
kg/unit kilograms per generic unit
kgal thousand gallons
kgal/ft2 thousand gallons per square feet
kgCO2e kilograms of CO2 equivalent
kgCO2e/gpd kilograms of CO2 equivalent per gallons per day
kgCO2e/MMBtu kilograms of CO2 equivalent per million British thermal units
kHz kilohertz (thousand hertz)
klbs thousand pounds
klbs/hr thousand pounds per hour
km kilometers (thousand meters)
kPa kilopascals (thousand pascals)
kph kilometers per hour
kW kilowatts (thousand watts)
kW/ton kilowatts per ton
kWh kilowatt-hours (thousand watt-hours)
L liters
L/cycle liters per cycle
L/cycle/m3 liters per cycle per cubic meter
L/day liters per day
L/kBtu liters per thousand British thermal units
L/kWh liters per thousand watt-hours
L/m2 liters per square meter
L/min liters per minute
lbs pounds
lbs CO2e pounds of CO2 equivalent
lbs/ft2 pounds per square foot
lbs/ft3 pounds per cubic foot
lbs/hr pounds per hour
lbs/kBtu pounds per thousand British thermal units
lbs/kWh pounds per kilowatt-hour
lbs/unit pounds per generic unit
linear ft linear feet
loads/week loads per week
lumens lumens (luminous flux) N/A
lux lux (illuminance)
m meters
m/s meters per second
m2 square meters
m2-K/W square meters-Kelvin per watt (thermal insulance)
m3 cubic meters
m3/(kWh/cycle) cubic meters per kilowatt-hour per cycle
m3/day cubic meters per day
m3/s cubic meters per second
Mcf million cubic feet
Mcf/day million cubic feet per day
mg milligrams
mg/L milligrams per liter
Mgal million gallons
Mgal/day million gallons per day
MHz megahertz (million hertz)
mi miles
micro Hz microhertz
micro V microvolts
military time military time (24-hour clock)
minutes minutes
Mlbs million pounds
Mlbs/hr million British thermal units per hour
MMBtu million British thermal units
MMBtu/hr million British Thermal Unit per hour
months months
mph miles per hour
MtCO2e metric tons of CO2 equivalent
mV millivolts
MW megawatts (million watts)
MWh megawatt-hours (million watt-hours)
Pa pascals
percent percent
pixels pixels
pixels/in2 pixels per square inch
ppi pixels per inch
psi pounds per square inch
rpm revolutions per minute
s seconds
therms therms
therms/hr therms per hour
ton tons (two thousand pounds)
ton-hr ton hours
tonne metric ton (one thousand kilograms)
V volts
W watts
W/(m-K) watts per meter-Kelvin (thermal conductivity)
W/ft2 watts per square foot
W/m2 watts per square meter
weeks weeks
weeks/year weeks per year
Wh watt-hours
Wh/((m3/s)/day) watt-hours per cubic meter per second per day
years years
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