Setpoint Type

Setpoint type that this control systems adheres to.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
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Suction vapor temperature The temperature of the refrigerant vapor returning to the compressor or condensing unit. n/a ASHRAE Wiki
Condensing temperature The saturation temperature, in degrees, corresponding to the measured refrigerant pressure at the condenser inlet. n/a ASHRAE Wiki
Design ambient temperature The ambient air temperature under design conditions. n/a
Room temperature n/a
Design temperature difference The difference between the condensing temperature of the refrigerant in the condenser and the design ambient temperature. n/a
Supply air temperature Temperature setting of supply air for heating or cooling. n/a
Mixed water temperature The temperature of the mixed water container, such as the water in a pool, or the water in a thermal energy storage tank. n/a
Outside air temperature limit Outside air temperature where supply air temperature is reset for heating or cooling. n/a
Part load ratio The part load ratio at which the system is able to operate. n/a
Outside air percentage The percent of the total volume of delivered air that is outdoor air to be mixed with recirculated conditioned air. n/a
Part load ratio for HGBP The part load ratio of the chiller below which hot gas bypass (HGBP) operates. n/a
Outside air flow rate The flow rate of outside air that the system is able to deliver. For systems with economizing or demand controlled ventilation capability, this is the outdoor airflow rate when the outside air damper is fully open and the fan speed is at maximum. n/a
Output fraction The fraction of maximum lighting output a lighting system produces, at the corresponding "Power fraction" n/a
Dry bulb control point Dry bulb temperature setting for use of control equipment, such as economizer and condenser. n/a
Power fraction The fraction of maximum power input to a dimmed lighting system n/a
Enthalpy control point Enthalpy setting for use of economizer for cooling. n/a
Supply air flow rate The flow rate of supply air N/A
Temperature lockout The outside air temperature which the economizer will return to the minimum position. n/a
Return air flow rate The flow rate of return air N/A
Supply water temperature The water temperature that the equipment supplies, such as the chilled water temperature setpoint for a chiller, or hot water temperature setpoint for water leaving a boiler. n/a
Temperature Generic temperature setpoint N/A
Return water temperature The water temperature that the equipment receives from return duct. n/a
Flow rate n/a
Humidity n/a
Daylight illuminance Lighting level used for controlling electric lights when daylighting is available. n/a
Pressure n/a
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