Sector Classification

The sector classification appropriate for the premises. Also, the sector-appropriate sizing for equipment.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Agricultural Category for any agricultural use None
Commercial Commercial designs are meant to accommodate the making of a profit, either directly or indirectly, by the premises. None
Industrial Industrial designs are meant to accommodate the making of a profit by providing a service or product to the commercial sector. None
Multifamily None
None None None
Nonresidential Category for any use that is not residential in nature None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Residential Residential designs are meant to accommodate the needs of people residing on the premises. None
Unknown Unknown None
Term ID: 86208e3e-352a-451d-b2c5-da725ca87693