Rooms refers to subdivisions of a housing unit. Whole rooms are rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, lodgers' rooms, finished basements or attic rooms, recreation rooms, and permanently enclosed sun porches that are used year round. Rooms used for offices by a person living in the unit are included. Not considered to be rooms are bathrooms, halls, foyers or vestibules, balconies, closets, alcoves, pantries, strip or pullman kitchens, laundry or furnace rooms, unfinished attics or basements, open porches, and unfinished space used for storage. A partially divided room, such as a dinette next to a kitchen or a living room, is considered a separate room only if there is a partition from floor to ceiling, but not if the partition consists solely of shelves or cabinets. If a room is used by occupants of more than one unit, the room is included with the unit from which it is most easily reached.
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Residential, Multifamily
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