Roof Shape

Architectural description of the exterior shape of the roof. If the roof has more than one shape, this is the primary roof shape. Illustrations to be added when the website is developed.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Flat A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. None
Gable A gable is the generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof. None
Gambrel A gambrel or gambrel roof is a usually symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. None
Hip A hip roof, hip-roof or hipped roof, is a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. None
Mansard A mansard or mansard roof is a four-sided gambrel-style hip roof characterized by two slopes on each of its sides with the lower slope, punctured by dormer windows, at a steeper angle than the upper. None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Shed A single slope roof. None
Unknown Unknown None
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