Network Key Terms

Key terms related to server activities.

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Constrained List
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Auxiliary processing accelerators Computing expansion add-in cards installed in general-purpose add-in expansion slots (e.g., GPGPUs installed in a PCI slot). None
Buffered DDR channel Channel or Memory Port connecting a Memory Controller to a defined number of memory devices (e.g. DIMMs) in a computer server. A typical computer server may contain multiple Memory Controllers, which may in turn support one or more Buffered DDR Channels. As such, each Buffered DDR Channel serves only a fraction of the total addressable memory space in a computer server. None
Controller system A computer or computer server that manages a benchmark evaluation process. The controller system performs the following functions: start and stop each segment (phase) of the performance benchmark; control the workload demands of the performance benchmark; start and stop data collection from the power analyzer so that power and performance data from each phase can be correlated; store log files containing benchmark power and performance information; convert raw data into a suitable format for benchmark reporting, submission and validation; and collect and store environmental data, if automated for the benchmark. None
Hypervisor A type of hardware virtualization technique that enables multiple guest operating systems to run on a single host system at the same time. None
Network client testing A computer or computer server that generates workload traffic for transmission to a unit under test (UUT) connected via a network switch. None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
RAS features An acronym for reliability, availability, and serviceability features. RAS is sometimes expanded to RASM, which adds ÒManageabilityÓ criteria. The three primary components of RAS as related to a computer server. None
Server processor utilization The ratio of processor computing activity to full-load processor computing activity at a specified voltage and frequency, measured instantaneously or with a short term average of use over a set of active and/or idle cycles. None
Unknown Unknown None
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