Spatial location or installation location. This can apply to systems, opaque surfaces, etc.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
Portfolio Manager, BuildingSync
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure Source
Above Located above some other element (e.g., ceiling, floor) N/A
Above garage The space above the garage. n/a
Above grade Space above the ground level. n/a
All zones Located in all zones within a building n/a
Attic The area in a building that is between the finished ceiling and the roof. n/a
Basement The basement floor of a premises can be partly or entirely below ground n/a
Below Located below some other element (e.g., ceiling, floor) N/A
Below grade Space below the ground level. n/a
Central plant off site Located at an off-site central plant. n/a
Central plant on site Located at an on-site central plant. n/a
Closet Located in an enclosed un-occupied space n/a
Common area Located in a common area of multiunit complex n/a
Conveyer Located on a conveyer. n/a
Core Located within the inner core zone of a building n/a
Crawlspace The area in a building between the above-ground floor and the ground. n/a
Duct Used to convey air from a source to the final delivery components n/a
Electrical room Located in a dedicated electrical room N/A
Emergency Location designated as an emergency area, such as an assembly area, and exit route, emergency door, etc. n/a
Exit Location is an exit. n/a
Exterior The outdoor space that is exposed to outside conditions. This can also be applied to Opaque Surfaces to describe the fact that one side of the surface is next to outside conditions. n/a
Garage A space allocated for storage or parking of motor vehicles. n/a
Ground floor The floor of a building at ground level. n/a
In Located in some other element (e.g., ceiling, floor) N/A
In unit Located within individual units of a multiunit complex n/a
Interior The inside space that is not exposed to outside conditions. This can also be applied to Opaque Surfaces to describe the fact that both sides of the surface are next to conditioned spaces. n/a
Mechanical room Located in a dedicated mechnical room N/A
Meter Located at the meter. n/a
Mixed chamber Chamber to receive the return air and mix it with outside air. n/a
On grade Located on the ground n/a
Partially below grade Space is partially above ground if any part of it is below grade. n/a
Point of use Located or can be easily relocated to the location where it is to be used. n/a
Public entrance Location is an entrance for the public. n/a
Return chamber Chamber to receive the return air n/a
Roof A roof structure that forms the exterior upper covering of a premises. n/a
Slab A floor structure usually made of concrete. In the context of Location, a component could be next to or in a slab. n/a
Supply chamber Chamber that supplies conditioned air to the zone n/a
Suspended Located above/below/in some other suspended element N/A
Terminal Terminal units are the ones that provide conditioned air to the zone. Some types of terminal units are VAV boxes, fan-powered mixing boxes and induction terminal units. Terminal units may also include a heating or cooling coil. n/a
Under counter Space directly under a counter. n/a
Within air stream Located within air stream, ex. fan motor within air stream. n/a
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