Lighting Characteristics

Characteristics of lamps that indicate performance levels of functionality.

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Constrained List
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Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
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Flicker index A measure of the cyclic variation in output of a light source taking into account the waveform of the light output. It is the ratio of the area under the light output curve that is above the average light output level to the total area under the light output curve for a single cycle. (ANSI/IES RP-16-10) None
Percent flicker A relative measure of the cyclic variation in output of a light source (percent modulation). It is given by the expression 100(A-B)/(A+B), where A is the maximum and B is the minimum output during a cycle. (IES RP-16-10) None
Color difference Color difference or color shift. ∆u',v' None
Color rendering index of a light source Color Rendering Index of a Light Source (CRI) is the measured degree of color shift objects undergo when illuminated by a light source as compared with the color of those same objects when illuminated by a reference source of comparable color temperature. None
Correlated color temperature of a light source Correlated Color Temperature of a Light Source (CCT) is the absolute temperature of a blackbody whose chromaticity most nearly resembles that of the light source. None
Work plane height Distance from the finished floor to the work plane. Used to calculate vertical distance from the work plane to the centerline of the lighting luminaire None
Distance to blackbody locus Duv - Distance to the blackbody locus None
LED temperature measurement point LED Temperature Measurement Point (TMP) is a location on an LED package/module/array, designated by its manufacturer, which provides a surrogate temperature measurement location for the actual LED junction. The TMPLED may be a solder joint at the board attachment site, a point on the LED package case, or a location on the board of an LED module or array. None
Stroboscopic visibility measure Measures primarily stroboscopic effects >80Hz (for moving objects), not necessarily static flicker (SVM) None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Other Other None
Output Quantity of visible light emitted by a source None
Rated lumen maintenance life Rated Lumen Maintenance Life (LP) is the elapsed operating time over which the LED light source will maintain the percentage, p, of its initial light output, e.g., L70 (hours): time to 70% lumen maintenance. (IES LM-80-08) None
Fidelity Index Rf - Analogous to CIE Ra (CRI). Characterizes the average color shift of the 99 CES to characterize the overall level of similarity between the test source and reference illuminant. Values range from 0 to 100. None
Gamut index Rg - Compares the area enclosed by the average chromaticity coordinates in each of 16 hue bins to characterize the average saturation level of the test source compared to the reference illuminant. A neutral score is 100, with values greater than 100 indicating an increase in saturation and values less than 100 indicating a decrease in saturation. The range in values grows as fidelity decreases. None
Run up time Run-up Time is the time between the application of power to the device and the time when the light output first reaches a specified percentage of stable light output, i.e., 80%, 90%, etc. None
Field angle The angle between the two directions for which the intensity is 10% of the maximum intensity as measured in a plane through the nominal beam centerline. (ANSI/IES RP-16-10) None
Beam angle The angle between the two directions for which the intensity is 50% of the maximum intensity as measured in a plane through the nominal maximum intensity (typically the centerline). None
Periodic frequency The frequency at which the entire periodic flicker waveform pattern repeats. None
Flicker The impression of unsteadiness of visual perception induced by a light stimulus whose luminance or spectral distribution fluctuates with time. (CIE 17.443 e-ILV) None
Unknown Unknown None
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