Full network connectivity

The ability of an Endpoint Device to maintain network presence while in Sleep Mode or another low power mode (LPM) of equal or lower power consumption and intelligently wake when further processing is required (including occasional processing required to maintain network presence). Presence of the Endpoint Device, its network services and applications is maintained even though the Endpoint Device is in a LPM. From the vantage point of the network, an End Point Device with full network connectivity that is in LPM is functionally equivalent to an idle End Point Device with respect to common applications and usage models. Full network connectivity in LPM is not limited to a specific set of protocols but can cover applications installed after initial installation. Also referred to as Ònetwork proxyÓ functionality and as described in the Ecma-393 standard. a) Network Proxy - Base Capability: To maintain addresses and presence on the network while in LPM, the system handles IPv4 ARP and IPv6 NS/ND. b) Network Proxy - Full Capability: While in LPM, the system supports Base Capability, c) Network Proxy - Remote Wake: While in LPM, the system is capable of remotely waking upon request from outside the local network. Includes Base Capability. d) Network Proxy - Service Discovery/Name Services: While in LPM, the system allows for advertising host services and network name. Includes Base Capability.
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