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Case Door Orientation

Orientation of refrigerated case doors used for display cases at stores, food-service establishments.

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Clothes Dryer Drum Capacity

This is the drum capacity of the clothes dryers in cubic feet as measured by the U.S. Department of Energy test procedure, Code of Federal Regulations, Title 10, Section 430, Subpart B, Appendix D2. Products with a drum capacity less than 4.4 cubic feet are considered compact.

Clothes Dryer Type

The type of clothes dryer appliance.

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Clothes Washer Integrated Modified Energy Factor

The quotient of the cubic foot (or liter) capacity of the clothes container divided by the total clothes washer energy consumption per cycle, with such energy consumption expressed as the sum of the machine electrical energy consumption, the hot water energy consumption, the energy required for removal of the remaining moisture in the wash load, and the combined low-power mode energy consumption.

Clothes Washer Modified Energy Factor

Modified Energy Factor, MEF, is the energy performance metric for ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and all clothes washers as of February 1, 2013. MEF is the quotient of the capacity of the clothes container, C, divided by the total clothes washer energy consumption per cycle, with such energy consumption expressed as the sum of the machine electrical energy consumption, M, the hot water energy consumption, E, and the energy required for removal of the remaining moisture in the wash load, D. The higher MEF, the more efficient the clothes washer. The equation is: MEF = C/(M + E + D).

Coffee Maker Components

Components of a coffee maker for brewing coffee.

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Computer Type

A device which performs logical operations and processes data. For the purposes of this specification, computers include both stationary and portable units, including Desktop Computers, Integrated Desktop Computers, Notebook Computers, Small-Scale Servers, Thin Clients, and Workstations.

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Conveyance Load Type

Type of load that the conveyance system usually transports.

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Conveyance System Type

Equipment used to transporting someone or something from one place to another.

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Cooking Appliance Type

Appliance or equipment used to cook food.

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Cover Type

A pool cover can serve many purposes, including insulation, weather protection, and safety for children and pets.

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Defrosting Type

Type of defrost method used for commercial refrigerated display and storage cabinets. Designed to remove frost (ice) from cooling coils of a refrigerating system.

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Dishwasher Capacity

Dishwasher capacity can use the amount of dishes that can fit on a dishwasher rack. ENERGY STAR has set a capacity limit that also differentiates between standard-sized models, fitting at least eight place settings and six serving places, and compact-sized models, fitting lower than that.

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Dishwasher Configuration

A machine designed to clean and sanitize plates, pots, pans, glasses, cups, bowls, utensils, and trays by applying sprays of detergent solution (with or without blasting media granules) and a sanitizing rinse.

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Dishwasher Machine Type

They type of dishwasher machine such as being either stationary rack or conveyor.

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Dishwasher Sanitization

The dishwater sanitization method for cleaning and preparing the dishwashing machine for operation using water or chemical cleaning processes.

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Display Pixel Density

Pixel density is equal to the resolution in pixels divided by viewable screen area in inches squared. Term is related to Energy Star power requirements.

Display Resolution

Resolution is screen resolution in pixels.

Display Type

A display screen and associated electronics, often encased in a single housing, that as its primary function displays visual information from (1) a computer, workstation or server via one or more inputs (e.g., VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, IEEE 1394, USB), (2) external storage (e.g., USB flash drive, memory card), or (3) a network connection. Such as a monitor (e.g., LCD, CRT), electronic scoreboards, tv or projector.

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Distance Covered

The vertical distance traveled by to elevator, diagonal distance by an escalator, or horizontal distance by conveyor belt.

Domestic Hot Water Type

Type of water heating equipment for hot running water.

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Door Configuration

Door configuration of the refrigerator/freezer unit.

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Electronic Equipment Type

The type of electronic equipment.

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External Power Supply Mode

Designed to convert line voltage ac input into lower voltage ac or dc output, convert to only one output voltage at a time, contained in a separate physical enclosure from the end-use product, and does not have batteries or battery packs that physically attach directly (including those that are removable) to the power supply unit.

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Flow Qualifier

Flow of water in a water treatment and distribution plant or wastewater treatment plant.

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