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Heat Recovery Type

Type of heat recovery between two systems.

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Heating Delivery Type

Method for delivering and or distributing heat to the building or Space Function. May be multiple delivery methods for each plant.

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Heating Medium

Medium used to transport heat from a central heating system to individual zones.

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Heating Stage Capacity Fraction

Average capacity of each heating stage, at ARI rated conditions, expressed as a fraction of total capacity

Heating Staging

The method of heating staging used by the unit. Select ÒSingle StageÓ for units with single stage (on/off) control. Select ÒMultiple, Discrete StagesÓ for units with multiple discrete stages (low-fire / high-fire). Select ÒModulatingÓ for units which contain modulating burners.

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Heating Type

Source of heat. Heating delivery is recorded in a separate data field. Use of fans or blowers by themselves without heated air or water is not included in this definition of heating.

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Humidification Type

Humidification type in air-distribution system.

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HVAC Category

Category of equpment related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

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HVAC Component

Type of heating ventilating and air-conditioning equipment component.

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Ignition Type

Ignition mechanism in gas heating equipment. Either pilot light or an intermittent ignition device (IID)

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Input Capacity

The energy consumption of the heating plant at full load.

Installed Flow Rate

Actual flow rate of fan under normal operating conditions

Maximum Fan Power

Fan power at maximum flow rate (full load)

Minimum Flow Rate

The lowest flow rate rated for a fan

Minimum Part Load Ratio

The minimum part load ratio at which the equipment is able to operate (0-1).

Motor Location Relative To Air Stream

Location of the fan motor relative to the air stream.

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Natural Ventilation Metric

Metric used in measuring the rate of natural ventilation

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Natural Ventilation Rate

Average rate of natural ventilation when used. Units depend on ventilation method

Number Of Discrete Cooling Stages

The number of discrete operating stages, excluding "off."

Number Of Discrete Fan Speeds

The number of discrete operating speeds for the supply-fan motor, excluding "off." Only used if flow control is "stepped"

Number of Heating Stages

The number of heating stages, excluding "off."

Other HVAC Type

Type of space conditioning equipment that is not classified as heating, cooling, or air-distribution. This category includes ventilation, dehumidification, humidification, and air cleaning systems.

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Output Capacity

Output capacity of equipment.

Part Load Ratio Below Which Hot Gas Bypass Operates

The part load ratio of a chiller below which hot gas bypass (HGBP) operates.

Pipe Application

Application of pipe

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