Contact Label

Characterization of the contact.

Data Type: 
Constrained List
Unit of Measure: 
Commercial, Residential, Multifamily
List Options Option Definition Unit of Measure
Administrator Administrator of customer accounts. None
Agency Agency such as the Federal agency, required to designate a facility as a federal property in Portfolio Manager. None
Agent The agent of record None
Architect The architect of record None
Association of Realtors Board or Association of Realtors None
Auditor Auditor. None
Authority having jurisdiction Also known as the "AHJ". The city, county or other authority with jurisdiction over building permits and inspections. None
Billing The address where the utility bills are sent. None
Builder Contact information for the builder. None
Business Business contact None
Commissioning agent Contact Information for the commissioning agent. None
Contact Generic contact None
Contractor Contact information for the contractor. None
Contributor Contributor of original information. Example: the original Portfolio Manager account who shared this premises data. None
Controls engineer The controls engineer of record None
Customer Customer None
Customer agreement California Proposition 39 customer agreement None
Electric distribution utility The company responsible for maintaining the utility lines and the electric distribution to the property. Note that the EDU is not the just Òthe utility company.Ó In some states the energy markets are deregulated. This means that a property may contract with Company A to provide the power supply (energy from the power plant), while Company B will continue to provide the electric distribution (Company B is the EDU). None
Electrical engineer The electrical engineer of record None
Energy Auditor Contact information for the energy auditor. None
Energy consultant The energy consultant of record None
Energy modeler Contact information for the energy modeler. None
Engineer The engineer or engineering firm of record None
Environmental assessor The environmental assessor of record None
ESCO Energy savings/service company None
Evaluator Contact Information for the evaluator None
Facilitator Project or process facilitator None
Facility manager Facility manager None
Financier Contact information for the financier None
Implementer Contact information for the project or measure implementer. None
Lender Lending institution or company None
Mechanical engineer The mechanical engineer of record None
MV agent Contact Information for the M&V agent None
None None None
Not applicable Not applicable None
Occupant Occupant None
Operator Contact information for the operator of the premises. The operator is in charge of managing the energy use of the building, such as operating schedules, thermostat setpoints, etc. None
Originator Institution with primary responsibility for processing a loan application. None
Other Other None
Owner Owner None
Power plant Individual power plant None
Premises Premises None
Project manager The project manager of record None
Property management company Contact Information for the property management company. None
Property manager Property manager. None
Qualified assessor An individual qualified to perform an assessment of a premises. None
Real estate agent Real Estate agents are people who have passed a state exam and received a license to engage in the practice of real estate for that given state. None
Responsible person None
Service Service provider None
Service and product provider The ABS Service and Product Provider associated with a Portfolio Manager Facility. None
Servicer Institution with primary responsibility for collecting and tracking a loan borrower payments. None
Subcontractor Subcontractor None
Trainer Trainer None
Unknown Unknown None
Utility An organization that maintains the infrastructure for a public service (often also providing a service using that infrastructure). None
Term ID: 7d3e348a-253b-44aa-8b01-2967133a0c0c